Quickbooks- Sales, Accounts Receivable, and Receiving Payments

By Ballou & Associates | Oct 05, 2012

Join us on October 11th from 10-12 for a Quickbooks- Sales, Accounts Receivable, and Receiving Payments class. For $35 you will learn the following from a Certified Advanced Quickbooks ProAdvisor:


  • To learn about the different formats available for sales forms
  • To practice creating a new invoice
  • To learn the purpose and use of the QuickBooks Item list
  • To see how QuickBooks records the information you enter on sales forms
  • To memorize an invoice transaction for reuse
  • To add a new item to the Item list
  • To create invoice letters
  • To generate reminder statements
  • To learn how to record customer payments in QuickBooks
  • To learn how to handle customer discounts, partial payments, overpayments, or down payments
  • To see how to record a deposit in QuickBooks, and learn how QuickBooks treats the deposit behind the scenes
  • To learn how to enter cash back from a deposit in QuickBooks

Call us at 706-4907 to register!

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