QuickBooks Resources for Hiring – QB + HR

By Tammy Swasey-Ballou | Dec 26, 2012

In checking the news about QuickBooks we stumbled upon quite an interesting find.  For the documents mentioned below, visit the article at:


Now QuickBooks offers some help if you’re looking to place someone into the responsibility.  It’sll help you evaluate the technical competence of each candidate so you can make a smart hiring decision!

Job descriptions should drive employee accountability, but not all businesses have them – or have up to date ones.  But, it’s an important item to a role, and it also spawns two other useful documents: job interview questions and performance appraisal.

Parts of the job description become questions to see if the candidate measures up.

QuickBooks has really done all the work for us here, too!  For the entire QuickBooks software line. In the link above you’ll find three sample forms (Job Description, Interview Questions & Performance Evaluation) which can be tailored specifically for each QuickBooks product, that you can use right away in your small business.  Visit above, download, enjoy and share… maybe you could improve a company’s next hire!!

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