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Questions remain in Port Clyde crash

By The Courier-Gazette Editorial Board | Feb 08, 2014

Many in the community have been shocked and horrified this week upon hearing that no charges are being filed against the driver who crashed onto the busy Monhegan Boat Landing in August, killing a 9-year-old boy.

Cheryl Torgerson, 61, of New York City, was at the wheel of the Infinity that crashed onto the boat landing Aug. 11, striking three members of a family visiting from Cohassett, Mass. Young Dylan Gold died, and his mother, Allison, and brother, Wyatt, were injured. Also injured was Jonathan Coggeshall of Port Clyde.

The District Attorney's Office has yet to issue the official statement on why this crash, one of the worst we have seen in the area, did not result in charges of manslaughter or even reckless driving.

Clearly the police who investigated this case and the District Attorney's office staff understood this was a significant event, that it has devastated one family and left a great deal of concern in the wider community. Given that, we find it hard to imagine that anyone involved in the investigation would do anything but work to the best of their ability to make sure this was concluded with a sense of justice and closure.

What needs to happen next is for the investigators to share with the community what they have found. What were the reasons for this result, which runs counter to everything we expected to happen when we first heard about this crash.

Police need to release the evidence gathered in their now-closed investigation, and the DA's office should release its statement as soon as possible.

The next step after the community has learned more about the reasons for the lack of criminal prosecution may be civil cases filed by those who have suffered losses due to this crash.

For now, we cautiously reserve judgment, but we expect there will be more to this story.


Is there hope for RSU 13?

How do we hold out hope for our struggling school system when the board chairman is circulating a petition for her city to pull out of the district?

Regional School Unit 13 Board Chairman Esther "Tess" Kilgour is among a group of people circulating a petition for Rockland to withdraw from the district. Thomaston and St. George are also exploring withdrawal.

Kilgour told us that she is not acting as chairperson in circulating the petition. In her mind, this is somehow separate from her work as chairperson.

But she is the chairman of the board, and it seems inappropriate to have her actively working to break up the district she serves in such a key position.

She has resigned, but does not plan to leave until March.

They may elect a new chairman Tuesday, Feb. 11, to replace her.

Given all of the chaos we are seeing at school board meetings, it does feel a bit unfair to single her out, so we will address our next thought to the board as a whole: We hope, going forward, the board will begin to act with a sense of professionalism, civility, and in accordance with the various rules that govern elected boards.

Despite the growing leadership vacuum in the district, everyday teachers labor on, working with students, who, in many cases, are doing great things. We had a chance to meet with the middle school Lego Robotics Team last week, and these kids, we found, are wonderfully smart and full of bright potential.

All of these educators and students deserve better.

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