Pushaw's Trading Post gains agency liquor store status

By Dwight Collins | Feb 04, 2014
Photo by: Dwight Collins Pushaw's Trading Post on Route 17 in South Hope has obtained a license to operate as a agency liquor store as of Dec. 23, 2013. Pushaw's is the only agency liquor store between Rockland and Washington on Route 17.

South Hope — Christmas came early for the owners of Pushaw’s Trading Post as the state of Maine approved its status as a state agency liquor store, allowing them to begin selling alcohol Dec. 23.

“This has made a huge difference,” co-owner Susan Pushaw said. “Having the license has increased sales and is bringing in a bunch of new faces.”

Susan Pushaw and her brother Jerry Pushaw reopened the store May 29, 2013, after closing in December 2012, due mostly to a poor economy.

The Pushaws applied for a liquor license at the end of 2012, but due to a glitch in the state selection process, the application was not reviewed. At that time, Jerry Pushaw said they would re-apply and hope for the best.

Pushaw’s Trading Post is now the only agency liquor store between Rockland and Washington on Route 17.

“We are the only one in a 10-mile radius, give or take,” Susan Pushaw said.

Susan Pushaw added she and her brother were a little nervous about the transition from summer to fall and fall to winter as the economy traditionally slows down during the winter months. With the added reason for people to stop by, business has begun to pick up and spirits are high, she said.

“It really started to drop off there for a few weeks back in the early winter, but the ability to sell liquor along with beer and wine has brought the business back to where it was at the end of the summer and the beginning of the fall,” she said. “This and the fact we sold a bunch of bait so far has made it a pretty good winter.”

In June 2011, Hope voters approved a measure to allow the town to authorize the state to permit the operation of state liquor stores and agency liquor stores on every day of the week, according to previously published reports.

The Pushaw family acquired the store from Ed Greenrose in 2008 and changed the name to Pushaw's Trading Post. For more than 20 years the store was known as Fuller's Trading Post and after that it was called Lincoln's Country Store.

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Posted by: troy a goodnow | Feb 11, 2014 18:48

I remember when it was Leaches....my grand parents had a cottage on Hobbs pond and we used to ride to the store to get soda and candy and attend an occasional dance....late 60's, early 70's.  Fond memories

Posted by: Beatrice Rose Norwood | Feb 05, 2014 08:55

Jerry n Susan, so happy for you guys...finally everythin' is lookin' up....congrats


Posted by: Herbert Goudreau | Feb 04, 2014 19:07


Posted by: RUTH ROWLING MAXFIELD | Feb 04, 2014 14:11

Glad for the Pushaws.  Every area needs a 'handy by' place where folks can gather over a cup of coffee and a snack . . share the neighborhood news, 'catch up' and 'be sociable'.  Good for the people in the area . . good for the little community . . good for the tiny business.  As for 'making it easier for the winos' . . . . . not to worry.  Those who want it, get it!

Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Feb 04, 2014 13:03

Hope goes WET? I know for sure the old timers are rolling in their graves. I truly am glad the store can stay open, good luck for increased business. Just pray the tea- tolalers don't get run over trying to by milk.

Mickey McKeever

Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. | Feb 04, 2014 12:17

Good. Now the winoes won't have to travel so far.

Posted by: Michael Wilson | Feb 04, 2014 12:12

Not sure which side of the mountain you're from but I like em.

Posted by: Susan Sinclair | Feb 04, 2014 05:11

Oh good. Get rid of those gross, moth eaten heads hanging on the wall, replace with some nice wines. Sounds good to me.

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