Puppies! Puppies! Puppies! at The Humane Society of Knox County


Two litters of puppies have arrived at the Humane Society of Knox County hoping to find homes to call their own.  These pint sized bundles of energy have traveled all the way from a shelter in South Carolina that is overwhelmed with homeless animals.Without enough resources to care for them all they put out a desperate plea to save these animals. We decided to extend a hand and help them get the dogs to our shelter and into the loving arms of Maine families. There are five adorable thirteen-week old shepherd/lab mixes: Remy, Roger, Rita, Royce and Ruthie and five nineteen week old Spaniel/Lab mixes: Shawn, Sheldon, Shannon, Sheryl and  Sherman. Accompanying the puppies on the long journey North were Deva, a two year old Lab/Basset mix and nine month old Lab mix litter mates Ginny and Gina. If you are interested in adopting one of the puppies or dogs, stop by the shelter or call 594-2200. Our kennels are full with wonderful dogs, cats and small mammals from all over Knox County and beyond, waiting to be adopted.  We are open Monday through Saturday from 11-5, closed Sundays.  We are located at 17 Buttermilk Lane, Thomaston.  Visit our website at www.hskcme.org or get all the latest news on Facebook.

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