Protesters can't keep quiet in Camden

By Daniel Dunkle | Apr 08, 2017
Photo by: Daniel Dunkle Protesters sing "I can't keep quiet" April 8 on the Village Green in Camden.

Camden — A large number of protesters concerned about the state of the nation under new President Donald Trump spoke out in song Saturday, April 8, on the Village Green in Camden.

The group, many of them women wearing pink hats, tapped into the energy of the Women's March on Washington as they gathered and sang the song "I can't keep quiet," by MILCK (also known as Connie Lim).

It became a viral sensation on the internet and the protest song of the times when Lim and others performed it on the streets of Washington in January.

On Saturday, sheet music was distributed to those gathered and they were led by James Cook on guitar and singer Kristi Kalajian. Cook and Tracy Jalbuena helped organize the event and founded the Midcoast Maine Indivisible group with the goal of standing up to and resisting the Trump agenda.

Cook said seeing a president who bragged about groping women elected was a turning point for many women in this country. He said the message of the song fits. The people are not going to be quiet, they are going to speak out.

Lyn Donovan of Camden also helped organize the event.

"What's helping me get through this insanity is singing," she said. "It's saving my soul."

"I have no choice but to speak up," said Jalbuena.

The event is one of many such singing demonstrations taking place around the country. The Camden protest drew many from the neighboring towns and groups from Lincoln County, the Bangor area and even as far as Mt. Desert Island.

For more information, visit Midcoast Maine Indivisible on Facebook.

Daniel Dunkle can be reached at or 594-4401 ext. 122. Follow him on Twitter @DanDunkle.

Kristi Kalajian of Camden leads the singing April 8 in Camden. (Photo by: Daniel Dunkle)
Susan McGovern of Lincolnville sings while holding a sign showing she has no plans for keeping quiet April 8 in Camden. (Photo by: Daniel Dunkle)
James Cook, one of the organizers of Midcoast Maine Indivisible, accompanies the singers with his guitar April 8 in Camden. (Photo by: Daniel Dunkle)
Diane Smith of Cushing brings attention to the health care issue during the Camden protest. (Photo by: Daniel Dunkle)
Gretchen Ebbesson of Camden sings April 8 in Camden. (Photo by: Daniel Dunkle)
Comments (14)
Posted by: Robin Gabe | Apr 12, 2017 12:55

Maggie, I read a novel recently and the author talked about his preparation for writing about veterans and PTSD. One veteran he talked with said that "Thank you for your service" seemed trite and formulaic. The author asked what might serve better and the veteran said "Welcome home"; as a Vietnam veteran, that resonated with me.


Posted by: Maggie Trout | Apr 11, 2017 18:26

I am dismayed that there was a reply after what I think was the definitive statement on the issue, and from a veteran.  As to "thanks" - by the way, my understanding is that veterans do not want lip service, as in, "Thank you for your service."  There are direct ways of supporting those who serve, and those who stay behind.  And mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, et al, have never forgotten what it is to keep the hearth going.

Posted by: Jeff Sukeforth | Apr 11, 2017 16:15

Robin Gabe I agree wholeheartedly, I don't believe I said anything about not having the right to protest because my 20 years in the Air Force also paid for them to be able to do it.  I said it was ironic and wondered if any of them actually stopped to think about protesting at that location and the men and women who died for them to have that right.

Posted by: Robin Gabe | Apr 11, 2017 12:38

I don't know about you, Jeff, but my 22 years of active-duty service in the Navy was to support all citizens' rights, including the right of free speech and to protest. I think the protest at the Camden war memorial was in an appropriate setting.

Posted by: Harold Bryson Mosher | Apr 11, 2017 08:35

I think the protest held in front of the war memorial is appropriate.  Those in attendance do not want to see the sacrifice of those who serve squandered on unnecessary military adventures.

Posted by: Maggie Trout | Apr 10, 2017 20:34

Comments that suggest that the protestors have not known personal loss of loved ones serving in the military, and/or did not themselves served, are an outrage. 

Posted by: Sandra Schramm | Apr 10, 2017 19:49

Thank you Jeff Sukeforth.

Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. | Apr 10, 2017 12:38

But Dennis, how do you really feel?

Posted by: Jeff Sukeforth | Apr 10, 2017 09:43

I find it very ironic that a protest occurs in front of the War Memorial on the Village Green.  Why, because I wonder how many of them actually stopped to think about those on the wall who have died for their country just so they can protest?  I encourage all who protested to come out on Memorial Day to show a little thanks to Veterans for this right of protest.


Posted by: Dennis Ripley | Apr 09, 2017 21:07

Lets see here  stay out of Syria you say  we are the only country that had the gaul to slow down assad from trying to gas all his people  he has killed 500,000 so far or more.   let the refugees in you say how many do we let in 20 million  this year  maybe 30 or 40 million next year  where does it end  all of south America will be here in a year or two  then we can get ten million from Syria and and ten from iran an ten from yemen and ten from Libya, don't forget these are not all our friends and there are still a lot more that we can let in  don't forget all the people in the ISIS family of friends will want to get on the love train of bleeding hearts  hell we get mad when we get bogged down in summer traffic from outta staters  or if your neighbor just moved in from ct or ny and wants to cut down all his trees that shade your yard , this great country of ours let in 38,600 muslim refugees last year  hell we don't even take care of our own homeless  you walk by them and could care less. With all the hate in our country rite now we need more refugees to bog down our police and government services.  cheer up people it will only get worse.  where is Jack Kevorkian when you need him. 

Posted by: Donald Herrick | Apr 09, 2017 18:13

I can feel the world changing already !

Posted by: Helen H Silk | Apr 09, 2017 12:30

Glad to read this and hope they keep on making their voices heard

Posted by: Laura Libby-Campbell | Apr 09, 2017 09:17


Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Apr 08, 2017 18:17

Wonderful! I wish I could join the voices too. Healthy voices bring attention to the Health Care problem in America. And, it seems to me, one of the biggest problem in America right now is Pres..Donald Trump.

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