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By Barbara A. Tilley | Jun 17, 2010

Prospect News

Barbara A. Tilley


      There were many Graduation Parties held this past weekend but I don't have any information on them so I will wish them all much luck in their future and I know from experience, that the parents can breath a sigh of relief that they have gotten this far in life. Many of them are going to further their education and some going into the service.

      The Prospect Historical Society have sent in an application for 105 (c) 3, Recognition of Exemption from Federal Taxes to the IRS. It will take awhile to get the answer but do hope that it is granted as they also would be able to apply for Grants to help in the restoration of the building. The Society has also started to investigate the possibility that the School House may qualify for the National Historic Registry. As it was built in 1838 and one of the last one room schoolhouses around, it should be a plus for their chances.

      On July 8th. bring your old clothes and gloves to the schoolhouse for a cleaning session. It is hoped for a good turnout and also people can learn something about the history of it.

      The Society is planning a yard and bake sale for late summer as a Fund Raiser. Look around for items that you may care to donate for the sale. Ada Koch has donated a desk to the Society and Justina DeTiranto has donated a copy of Vital Records of Prospect and a photo of Heagan Mountain Quarry.

      Congratulations to Joel and Jessica Swift as they were married last weekend. They run the Rehabilitation Farm which is the former Hamm Farm. They have beautiful horses in their pastures and a lot of them were former race horses. Hope to see more colts out there as they are so cute.

     The Prospect Community Club held another successful Baked Bean Supper on June 12th. Thanks to all the participated and worked. Hard to believe that only 4  more suppers this year.

      Remember that June 26th. there will be a White Goods pick-up road side. Have your stuff out by the roadside by 7:00AM. There is a list in Maddie's Place and the Town Office that lists what can be disposed of-also that day is the Saturday when the Stockton Springs Town Garage is open to receive E-Waste from 9:00 to Noon. No charge but requires a permit from Prospect Town Office to prove that you are a resident of Prospect. Pick it up by Thurs. before and list what you will be taking down.

      Paul Maguire is having some medical problems and has to take it easy. One problem is the excessive amount of protein in his spinal fluid and the possibility of a blockage in his brain. After more tests and results it may require him to go to Mass. for an operation. Best wishes and prayers go out to him.

      Florence Drew spent a long night and day last week in the Emergency Room in Belfast with a nose bleed that wouldn't stop. She has to take Coumadin and that is the suspected culprit. She is better now but it takes a lot out of her-wish you better days Florence.

      Last Tuesday, I went to visit Sharon Pickering for a short visit. As usual, she was brimming with information with what she and Kenny have done and showed me the tree that was planted the week before that will be her Memory Tree. You can't feel sad for someone so upbeat but when my time comes, I pray that I will be able to do it with the dignity that she is displaying. God Bless you Sharon.

     Fred and Diane Swift have left on a Motorcycle trip to Laconia, NH for Bike Week and returning Sunday. Hope the weather is good for them. Will Fred get Diane to ride to the Top of Mt. Washington??? Tune in next week and find out. She says "no way".

     Elwin and Gloria Boynton have returned from Palatka, Florida where they attended their son, Elwin Jr. wedding. Congratulation to the happy couple.

      Are you ready for the bird report? I have seen a Red Winged Blackbird at the feeder with a band on its leg. It was one that was banded last year. Guess he knew where the good food was and came back. Also after the Blue Birds left the nest down in the back field, I cleaned out the nest so I was very surprised when I checked the house last weekend, there was another new nest built. Weds. there were 4 blue eggs in it and Mother Blue Bird was watching the nest from a nearby tree. I think she will lay another egg as they usually lay 5 eggs. I guess from now on I will always clean out the nest after they leave. I've read they had 3 hatchings a season-guess it true, at least this will be the second.

     Also I have trapped two red squirrels and one chipmunk with the Hav-a- Heart trap and deposited them out back over the Hawes Bridge. Maybe they have learned how to swim-

     June 21st. will be the first day of Summer, longest day for daylight and then we will start losing it-Are you ready? People seem to be having better success with their gardens this year-my raised box garden is full of beet greens, spinach, Swiss chard, beautiful tomato and cucumber plants. Should have lots of tomatoes and cukes as long as I keep the wire fence around it-our dog, Pal loves veggies. Last year he ate more tomatoes, green peppers and cukes than we did.

      I want to wish you all a safe and healthy week and please remember those that need a card or a prayer. God Bless you all.

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