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Pro-Trump coffee shop closes after election day

By Stephen Betts | Nov 10, 2020
Photo by: Stephen Betts The site of the former Covfefe Coffee and Gifts at 325 Old County Road in Rockland.

Rockland — A shop that offered coffee and gifts in support of President Donald Trump has closed.

Covfefe Coffee and Gifts at 325 Old County Road in Rockland closed Nov. 4, the day following the election in which the incumbent Republican president was defeated by Democrat Joe Biden.

The building has been for sale for five years. Jestin and Carrie Merchant opened the coffee shop earlier this year.

The Merchants purchased the property through their limited liability company 325 Old County Road LLC in 2011. The property had previously been the home of Dean's Flower Shop.

The name Covfefe comes from a misspelling by President Trump in a 2017 tweet, where the word was supposed to be "coverage." A Covfefe brand of coffee has been created since then with a logo "Making Coffee Great."

The building was rented out during the past decade to multiple businesses, including Snapdragons Flowers and Gifts and Hops and Chops.

In the 2020 presidential election, Knox County overwhelmingly backed Biden 15,019 to 9,995 with third-party candidates collecting slightly more than 500 votes. In 2016, Democrat Hillary Clinton also received more votes than the Republican nominee.

An email was sent Nov. 9 to the email address on the former coffee shop's Facebook page. There was no response as of Nov. 10.

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Comments (11)
Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Nov 20, 2020 14:50

If I was a Trump supporter would be attempting to keep a very low profile.  What he is has certainly shown itself since the election. There is no excuse for staying on that bandwagon after the wheels have fallen off.

Posted by: Stephen Betts | Nov 20, 2020 12:42

What opinion is that Melissa? The article is filled with facts.


Posted by: Melissa Byer | Nov 20, 2020 10:22

Stephen Betts just called himself out for what he is a very BIAS Reporter. He doesn't report facts he reports opinions.

Posted by: Iris Joyce | Nov 11, 2020 14:25

PROJECTED does not mean ELECTED.

Posted by: Crawford L Robinson | Nov 10, 2020 18:56

Don't hold your breath TC .... aw... go ahead!!

Posted by: TC Tolliver | Nov 10, 2020 18:52

Can't wait for them to reopen for President Trump's second term.


Posted by: Valerie Wass | Nov 10, 2020 13:19

The votes are over.  Why not get on with our lives and stop the "People should have voted for Biden"  "People should have voted for Trump"  The votes are in!  Let them count and recount the votes.

Posted by: Merton Sawyer | Nov 10, 2020 09:53

Very very well put Steve.

Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. | Nov 10, 2020 08:45 can call the Democratic party a do nothing party but don't forget to thank Mitch McConnell. McConnell has a desk full of bills he will not put to vote. If you support this as fair it speaks volumes.

Posted by: Crawford L Robinson | Nov 10, 2020 08:23

I'd hardly consider over 4 million (and climbing) popular votes and a 290 to 214 electoral vote total a 'squeak'. I DID vote for Biden!!! Not a Democrat either. I don't let ANY party loyalty rise above common sense and decency and what is right toward healing this horribly divided nation.

Posted by: Stephen K Carroll | Nov 10, 2020 08:08

Don't think it is entirely proper for the media to declare a winner while recounts and legal actions are being pursued in several swing states.  Although most would agree it would be a safe bet, nothing is official or certified at this point.  Think this razor thin outcome for the Democrats speaks volumes on how a do nothing party can barely squeak out a win over a reality show host. An extremely marginal win is less a cause for celebration and more a reason to question why half of the American public DID NOT vote for Biden.

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