Prison officials cite overtime, incidents in changing former warden's position

Barnhart given new job in corrections department
By Daniel Dunkle | Feb 08, 2013
Former Prison Warden Patricia Barnhart

Warren — The Maine Department of Corrections has changed the management of the Maine State Prison in Warren in part due to concerns about the amount of overtime and the number of incidents reported in the prison, according to Associate Commissioner Jody Breton.

"The department has decided a change in management at the Maine State Prison is in the best interest of the Department," she said in a press release Feb. 8. State officials want to see a reduction in incidents including drug busts involving inmates.

Former Warden Patricia Barnhart has left the prison and will take on a new job with the department.

"Ms. Barnhart will be leaving her position as warden at MSP and assuming a new role within the department as policy development coordinator, effective March 1, 2013," Breton wrote.

Breton said Feb. 8 during a phone interview that Barnhart is well qualified for her new role in the department.

As warden she was paid $102,897. In her new position, the salary is $68,578 per year, according to Breton.

The state will conduct a national search for a new full-time warden. In the meantime, Rodney Bouffard, who has headed Long Creek Youth Development Center, is acting warden.

Breton said Bouffard has overseen various facilities through times of massive change in policies in the past including the youth center. She said he does very well in periods of change, but is not interested in serving as permanent warden.

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Comments (8)
Posted by: Wilber Eugene Roman Sr. | Feb 10, 2013 08:10

What else would you,or should you expect from this.We get fed all the crap they want to dish out and we are supposed to swallow it.You'd better believe there is a lot more going on than what you are reading here.As they say...The blue take care of themselves.

Posted by: Corinne L. Grant | Feb 09, 2013 11:14

  • Unfortunately she is only part of the problem! Keep investigating!

Posted by: Catherine L Leonard | Feb 09, 2013 08:11

Mr. Barnes that is sort of the point I was making. It is reported that she has been fired. There is a hiring freeze. Just saying

Posted by: James Clinton Leach | Feb 09, 2013 08:00

Poor management, simple.....her job proformance was poor...allowing too  much overtime, and other issues to occur.....That's when a person might and could be replaced...?  She (it appears) is better suited for her new position, and the State does not want to let a good employee go....Perhaps that is all it is......

Posted by: douglas barnes | Feb 09, 2013 06:52

why would she accept if there was no wrong doing-think about it


Posted by: Darcie Crabtree | Feb 08, 2013 16:43

Maybe if the hiring ban was lifted these things would not be happening


Posted by: Dale Hayward | Feb 08, 2013 16:22

Better to give her a job at $70+ (with benefits) then to have to pay off a lawsuit. Oops, some town just paid someone off and showed how management really works.

Posted by: Catherine L Leonard | Feb 08, 2013 15:49

Something does not seem right here! Either between the 2 parties this is an acceptable explanation or something really stinks. Why do you walk into an office and just fire someone with no notice or explanation at the time then cite want to see less overtime and less drug busts? Those are not grounds to be fired. Now the former warden is given another job within the system. What kind of a cover up is this? Oops state officials would not cover up anything!

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