Prevention: Why now? Why you?

Five Town Communities That Care is proud of the role we have played in bringing prevention programming, education, and training & technical assistance to our community.

We know we are making a positive difference for adolescents:

  • Rates of having ever used alcohol are the lowest in 10 years for all grade levels.
  • We’ve made great strides in suicide awareness and prevention; education is widely available, and most youth-serving agencies now have plans in place to deal with the aftermath of the death of a youth by suicide.
  • Middle school delinquency (shoplifting, damaging property, etc.) is down, with most measures at ten-year lows.
  • Dropout rates at CHRHS are half the State of Maine average (1.5% versus 3.4%).

We know we still have work to do:

  • Most of our young people who drink do so heavily (five or more drinks in one sitting).
  • Knox County still has one of the highest suicide rates in Maine.
  • Students in our state report being bullied at higher rates than the national average.


We need your help:

In these tough economic times, we need the support of the community we serve. Please donate safely online to our annual campaign:


Thank you!



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