Preparing For Summer Vacations

By Jennifer Noble | Jul 03, 2018

Getting ready to leave for summer vacation? You may be overwhelmed with the amount of planning you will need to do to make it happen. After all, you are putting your life on hold and your life contains a lot of moving parts. If you need help figuring out what to do before you go on vacation, here is a checklist to help you get ready.

Getting the House Ready

  • Your family is not all you have to prepare for vacation. You are going to be away from your home for several days. There are things you should do to make sure that your house is cared for and protected from burglars.

  • Clean up before you leave- This means get rid of any perishable foods so that you do not come home to rot or stink. Also make sure to give your home a thorough once over such as taking out the trash, wiping down counters, changing linens and vacuuming.

  • Have a trusted friend check on your house- Having someone come by from time to time to pick up mail and go into the house will make it look lived in. While your friend is in the house, he or she will be able to take note of anything that might go wrong with your house, such as a broken pipe or gas leak, so that the problem doesn't linger and cause major damage while you are away.

Getting the Kids Ready

Traveling with children requires a lot of planning whether you are going to Disneyland or the grocery store. If you are going away from home for several days, you will want to prepare carefully. Here are some things you should remember while packing.

  • Pack extra clothing- When packing for children, you must think not only of the activities you will be engaging in, such as swimming or going out to a nice restaurant, you should also pack extra clothes. We all know that children have a penchant for spilling things on themselves or getting messy in any number of ways.

  • Having a few extra items will prevent you from scrambling at the last minute. Other necessities- Make sure you pack any medications they might be taking. Don't forget the band-aids, insect repellant and of course, sunscreen. Having a ready supply of baby wipes is also pretty handy no matter how old your children.

  • Keep them busy- If you will be traveling for any length of time, keeping your kids busy will prevent boredom. When kids get bored, they find ways of entertaining themselves and you may not like that. Pack favorite toys, coloring books, snacks and handheld devices that will let them play games and watch movies.

Getting the Pets Ready

Your pet is a valuable part of your family. You will be better able to enjoy your vacation if you are not worried about your furry family member. Make sure your pet will be well cared for in your absence.

  • Do your research- If you will be boarding your pet, thoroughly research facilities. Make sure that the boarding facility you leave your pet with has a good reputation. Make sure to visit and talk to staff before deciding, so that you know you are comfortable with the place you will be leaving your pet.

  • If you are leaving your pet at home- Make sure to leave plenty of food and water and have someone check on him a couple of times a day. Also, have your pet's toys out and have the caretaker leave the TV or radio on sometimes to your pet company.

  • If you are leaving your pet with a friend- Make sure your friend has a complete list of your pet's daily routines such as walking, eating and medications. You may also want to call once or twice while you are away to see how things are going.

Going on vacation can require a lot of planning to make sure things go smoothly. When you are able to enjoy your vacation because you are not worrying about other things, you will know that the effort was worthwhile. Use this checklist to help you prepare for your summer vacation.


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