Preparations before your marriage proposal

By Jennifer Noble | Aug 02, 2017

Do you wish to propose for marriage but you don’t know how to make the proposal extra special? Saying the four words “Will you marry me” in the right way can be challenging even for the most romantic guys. You want this event to be something she will never forget and still be personalized to suit your relationship. Isn’t that a lot of pressure? Below are tips that will help you get rid of the pressure, and do it the right way.


Get a perfect engagement ring


It’s difficult to pull off an unforgettable proposal without an elegant engagement ring. You need to know your budget even before you can start looking for a ring. What kind of band would your partner love? Once you have the answers, you can now search for a suitable one. Get something that will blow your lover's mind and make them want to say ‘Yes.'


Design a game plan


Here is where you need to get creative. You already know your spouse very well so with that in mind, think of the kind of proposal that’s likely to work best for both of you. Is your partner going to like something more cozy, casual and romantic, such as a dinner at her favorite restaurant or the place you went for your first date? Or would you prefer searching for an ideal location your partner doesn’t know about? How you choose to pop that question is up to you. Just ensure that you have a plan in place and think about every detail in advance. You can do your research to get different proposal ideas in case you have nothing in mind.


Get their blessings


If you intend to ask your spouse’s parents for permission for her hand, it is wise to do it before you propose. Create time and see the parents or contact them by phone in case you cannot get to them in person, and inform them of your intentions. Be sure to share a few details when they ask about the plans you have for popping the question. Don’t forget to ask them to keep it a secret!


Consider the timing


You need to ensure that the timing is right. Are there some upcoming major events already planned during that week? Is your spouse having some tight deadlines at work or school that require their full attention? Take time to look at the calendar and put everything into consideration. Select a day that does not coincide with other ongoing responsibilities you or your partner have.


Gather supplies


What kind of things do you need to make the proposal day the best? Would you like to give your spouse flowers? Or have her favorite dessert at hand? Are you considering asking the restaurant to make the necessary preparations ahead of time? Write out a comprehensive to do list and get everything arranged perfectly in advance. Consider creating a timeline so that you do not leave some things undone. Be sure to plan for any anticipated mishaps by having extras on hand. This way the day will not be ruined because of a minor problem.


Tell it just the way it is


Your partner will love hearing the reasons why you want to spend the rest of your life with them, so take the time to think about the special things you would like to say.  Consider practicing your words beforehand alone so you can remember all the essential details when that moment arrives.


Keep everything a secret


The more the people who know about your proposal plans, the more difficult it will be to keep everything a secret. If you enlist the help of a family member or friend, ensure that they stick to the plan and keep everything under wraps. After all, you have gone through a lot to make the day special, you don’t want an overly talkative family member or chatty friend to ruin the excitement.


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