Pre-release inmate center to move from Hallowell to Warren

By Daniel Dunkle | Jan 10, 2013

Warren — The Central Maine Pre-Release center in Hallowell will be closed and its 58 prisoners transferred to the Bolduc Correctional Facility in Warren, Maine Department of Corrections Associate Commissioner Jody Breton said Jan. 10.

The move is expected to take place in spring or summer and will affect 21 staff members who work at the Hallowell center.

Breton said this is not a budget-driven decision. The state plans to sell the Hallowell site which is on the former Steven's School campus, she said. The associate commissioner noted that since the school was not designed as a prison it has problems that would be solved by the move.

She said other jobs in Windham and Warren will be found for those among the 21 employees who plan to stay with the department. She said some will be eligible to retire.

She said the prisoners will fit in with the Bolduc center. All of the prisoners are within 12 months of being released.

They will be moved into a 100-bed building at the Bolduc facility that is currently closed.

One issue with the proposed move is that the inmates have work-release jobs in the community, Breton said. Some work in construction, agriculture and food service. She said the department will work with the employers affected by the move and, when feasible, will transport prisoners to their jobs from Warren to Hallowell.

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Posted by: Dale Hayward | Jan 18, 2013 19:40

I thought that personnel matters were confidential, most everyone hides behind the facade but I now know that "management style" is not an excuse to go private. How could one defend their management style.The local towns should use that theory when they fire the next person that threatens to sue their town for mismanagement, oh oh that works both ways. Will someone please define "(mis)management style" according to whom????? The dictionary says: to manage badly or carelessly. If we could add that definition to "reasons to fire" who would we use for the perfect example of not-badly or not-carelessly management??

Posted by: Steve Waterman | Jan 10, 2013 15:29

No word on Warden Barnhardt getting frog walked out of prison?

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