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By Catherine Cooper | Feb 05, 2013

Three and half years ago, I had a car that ALWAYS needed work. I was in the suburbs of Chicago and I didn't know whether the mechanics I went to were telling me the truth or not. I would trust them, pay the money to get my car fixed and then something else went wrong. The next mechanic would say, the last mechanic I had brought it to didn't know what they were doing and that is why my car needed another repair.

When I moved here to Maine, I had the same issue until I was told about Craig Gauthier.

Finally, I have a mechanic I trust and you can too. Call Craig at Ponderosa Motor Services (207) 542-1885 for service you can trust!

Remember from now until April, Craig is offering 20% off of all brake work. And if you need a loaner car, Ponderosa Motor Services offers a free vehicle while Craig works on yours, who else does that these days?

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Posted by: Catherine Cooper | Feb 06, 2013 13:27

He's really great, thanks for the comment, Judy!!

Posted by: Judy Olson | Feb 06, 2013 09:11

Great recommendation.  Thanks, Cathy.

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