Poll takers oppose tearing down Taylor school

Nov 30, 2017

We asked readers in an online poll if they would like to see the Mary E. Taylor School building demolished or preserved.

Most of those who responded said they would like it preserved for the community. See chart for results.

We also allowed readers to make anonymous comments about the proposal. Here is what they said:

If it was too expensive to heat and maintain it, then why would we keep it? The ADA would still require an elevator that adds significantly more to the cost of keeping it. If it is time for a new school then it is time for Mary Taylor to go away.

Please keep it. The June 7 Op Ed by the Superintendent caused many people to vote for the school thinking MET would be considered a separate issue.

Among other uses, it is a great space for small business offices that were displaced when the Knox Mill converted to condos.


It is important that we preserve this structurally sound building!

Sell it or give it to a private investor should be another option.

Not in favor of any decision that will cost Rockport tax payers more money! If Camden wants to try and save it, fine, but do not add more to an already over-taxed town

Affordable housing for young professionals!

Look at all of the historic buildings across the state being utilized for business or municipal purposes. It would be foolish to demolish that old beauty, and I fail to see how doing so aligns with CEDAC vision for Camden as being “the most sustainable community”.

It's a beautiful historic building.

Make the MET building a town government building.

We already voted in an informed way on this. It’s an obsolete building for every possible use in that location. Don’t be fooled by suggestions that Lincoln St. Center is some gem for Rockland. All told, it’s more of a liability than an asset ... and real estate is more scarce in the Camden village than it is in Rockland. Time to move on.

Attended 3rd thru 6th grades there, it's a beautiful and historic building. OK so it needs work, please fix it up don't tear it down!

Nice and clean and moderately priced HOUSING ...no drugs allowed. The entire midcoast needs stable long-term housing and good affordable medical care in order for children to be educated and in order to have a stable workforce.

The town voted already to demolish this building! Please do not make this another Tannery lot!!

Use it for Seniors and their programs.

I think the school's best use would be partial town offices and partial secondary education classes, either in the trades OR to supplement the complete lack of art in today’s public schooling. Art classes, pottery, upcycled arts, woodworking, ...

WAY too much potential to demolish !!

Affordable housing!

Buildings should not be disposable - especially beautiful ones!!!

The town should preserve it for future use

Senior housing.

Move the supers office into it.

Stop stonewalling the process of building a new and safe School for all of our children. You did not speak up when we could have saved the building, but you waited. The will of the voters must be upheld

School board is acting irresponsibly.

Why not move it to Tannery site. Easy peasey.

It’s a building that may need some updating but that should of been done all along. This building is worth keeping for many years to come. Let’s not make it a throw away because if it’s age.

Private school or charter school.

Superintendent’s Office.

Look at what is being done with the old school buildings in Belfast: arts facilities, affordable rents, etc.! Camden needs something to draw in some young energy.

It is a beautiful building and could be an asset to the town.

Would make great artist or tradesman loft living.

If people want to preserve it, they should figure out how to move it off that site!

Use it for community events!!

Housing for the elderly or for the rich who like to live in Camden for July and August.

Do not tear down this historical treasure - adaptive reuse!!

Stop putting buildings in landfills...

Saving it sounds like a great idea.. but then where is the new school going to go... You can't have it there with this building there also.. there would be no parking or a place for outside activities

The people voted! While the MET building is beautiful, it cannot remain as a separate building from the existing one, given that the MET doesn’t have its own source of heat and water. This past summer, Camden and Rockport voters said yes to a new middle school—WHICH INCLUDED THE DEMOLITION OF THE SCHOOL. We have had an abundance of time as a town to debate this, ever since the 2015 vote for a new middle school which didn’t pass! We cannot delay this upcoming Nov. 30 deadline (for a proposal for the MET building). We must respect how the people voted, because they VOTED FOR the demolition of the MET—whether you agree or not.

The school district should use it

It should be preserved as it is now

affordable office/creative space to bring new business options to Camden

there is a lot of history in this unique building, and it deserves a second act.

Gotta find a private funding group to do lots of work to keep it - no taxpayer money

Having just moved back home in March of this year, I must say that the actions of the school board are suspect, as is the outcome of the vote. I voted for the new school, but only after the promise that MET would be separated from the plan. It’s clear now that was just a ploy to get votes, with no intent to preserve the building. Shame on them got breaking trust, which is highly valuable in this small community.

History matters. Preservation matters. Honestly matters.

The process to come the decision to demolish the MET was reached via a totally transparent process ever since the prior vote. The voters of both Camden and Rockport were fully informed and the bond vote result clearly provides the desired path forward. The efforts of a vocal few in the minority have caused this most recent waste of time, money and effort, which should be focused elsewhere.

Move town and school offices there...or develop an art center for visual, music and performing arts

This building is beautiful & I voted not to build a new school, but would have rather we maintain what we have.

Seems the Superintendent office could be there and the bus barn could become a bus barn again...

Adequate time 1-2 years (not just a few months) should be afforded to find an appropriate use for this historic building, especially given the fact that tax exemptions for preservation are currently under siege. The school board wants to treat their $1 gift from the town like trash.

Rent the building to an interested party or business.

Preserve for future generations--perhaps housing for senior

How about affordable live-work space for artists? Let each purchase the blank space and finish it as they need.

Educational center, art or historic museum, affordable apartments for YOUNG people (something lacking in this area). This is a residential area and there should be no reservation of who might live there.

Turn it into Senior Housing!

Administration should use it

Secret headquarters of The Justice League

Old buildings become a maintenance nightmare and can never be efficiently upgraded

Since the building is really in good shape, we should continue to use it as a school and not build a new one!

Sell it to a developer for a dollar and require renovation not demo as part of the sale.....use for offices, housing, artist studios, and other mixed uses....

Given the lack of affordable housing and the difficulty local tourism and service industry businesses have in finding workers, why not turn it into affordable housing studio apartments, with preference given to people who have jobs that support local businesses, like restaurants, hotels, gift shops, convenience stores, gas stations, etc.

I would love to see the MET, aka the Brick Building, converted into a community arts center, which Camden currently lacks--I mean all the arts, music, fine arts, writing, performance, and for all ages from school children to retirees.

We need to move forward with building the new middle school

Affordable housing.

When I heard how the members of the Administration had to cover with a rug the drain holes in their "offices" at the Bus barn, I was disgusted. Why would we now take down a beautiful, well built building and continue to not have a place where Administration and School Board can gather and work in conditions that are befitting an office and not one that has to be shared with the buses? This building would additionally provide a perfect place for the "safe and proper repository of the archives of our town's vital records and historic resources" which are now scattered around three places in town. Our land fill or some other such facility does not need another torn down building that could have been utilized for years to come.

That could include some spaces for community use

Would hate to see this beautiful historic buildings demolished over lack of creativity and organization. Plenty of energy around this, let's put it to good use.

This is the will of the voters by an enormous margin.

Comments (2)
Posted by: Kirk A Wadsworth Jr | Dec 03, 2017 06:22

Had to have a new school. This one was not fit for students. Had to keep up w the Jones. Cant have it both ways its a shame that this building has to go because it would out live the new one 4x but it has to go. The people voted it remember. Unless you want to put the new one up to vote again???????

Posted by: Dale Hayward | Nov 30, 2017 12:30

Are the poll takers willing to pay the upkeep, repairs, and retrofitting?


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