Political insanity

By Reade Brower | Jul 10, 2014

“The best portion of a good man’s life is his little, nameless, unremembered acts of kindness and of love.” — William Wadsworth, Poet (1770-1850)

Charity starts at home is the theme of this week’s supplement, Mid-Coast Giving Guide, in this paper that is devoted to some of the charities in Mid-Coast Maine. It is a resource for learning about the nonprofits that help others when the government cannot.

In the prelude I write; “Giving back is part of what makes a place to live a community”.

We see it all the time on a local level, neighbors helping neighbors, communities coming forward to help those who are in need of financial and emotional help. Sharing what we have is what teaches our children what it looks like to be at one with the universe. Our children and our friends and neighbors model what we do, not what we say and when we do something bigger, and look beyond ourselves to provide for others, we grow from within.

Remember the starfish story; the little girl is throwing them back into the ocean and her father tells her that there are thousands on the beaches of the world and she can’t save them all or make a difference just by herself. As she throws one back into the water she looks at him and says; “daddy, it made a difference to this one”.


"Boehner to sue Obama in executive authority dispute" was the headline of a Susan Davis story in USA Today in late June. Are you kidding me? Just when the Republicans seemed to be recovering from the budget hi-jacking and getting some traction, and an “I told you so” with the Affordable Care Act moment, they go and find another way to sink to another low.

This not only defies common sense, whether you agree with it or not, it tops the ludicrous list for me and gives me pause on who we are suing. Are we suing ourselves? Who will pay for this lawsuit? I assume it is the American people unless perhaps the House Speaker can find someone to do it pro bono or on contingency.

And if the American people prevail, who gets the money? Are we suing ourselves and then hoping to get money from ourselves to pay ourselves? Are you following me? I feel like a dog chasing my tail.

Now I am being a little facetious here as I’m sure there is a more reasonable explanation than the light coating the USA story gives. White House spokesperson Josh Earnest is quoted as saying, “The fact that they are considering a taxpayer funded lawsuit against the president of the United States for doing his job, I think is the kind of step that most Americans wouldn’t support”. I think Mr. Earnest is right.

President Obama responded over the threat to him for the executive orders he has signed implementing initiatives that would have had a hard time passing the Republican-controlled Congress. The President said, “they don’t do anything except block me and call me names” when defending his actions and speaking about whether he was overstepping his constitutional limits by taking these executive actions.

The uproar among Republicans and Tea Partiers is summarized by Boehner alleging that the president has abused his executive privileges without getting proper congressional approval.

In the end, this is insane and has no precedent. In fact, the numbers do not back up the allegation. During his first four years in office, Obama went around Congress on 147 occasions. This compares to George Bush who did it 173 times, Bill Clinton 200 times and Ronald Reagan on 213 occasions.

My conclusion: why don’t you just take a gun, point it to the ground and shoot yourself in the foot Mr. Boehner? Why let facts get in the way of hate, and let sensibility be for someone else to worry about, while politics as usual get in the way of common sense and slow our nation down to a crawl.


Gov. Paul LePage made headlines in a press release where he referred to Social Security and Medicare as welfare when he wrote “it doesn’t matter what liberals call these payments, it is welfare, pure and simple.” He then later called them “hand-outs,” losing sight that most Social Security is put in by working Americans and most is taken out by those same Americans and their families.

Next, when the stuff hits the fan, LePage claimed he was misunderstood and that the meaning of what he meant distorted.

This was his press release so I found it of interest that you can be misquoted or misunderstood in a press release you wrote and distributed yourself.

Politics and common sense collide once again.

Reade Brower can be reached at: reade@freepressonline.com.

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