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Aug 03, 2018

Evangelos endorsed by state employees' union

Former State Rep. Jeffrey Evangelos, an independent who lives in Friendship, has received the endorsement of the Maine State Employees Association/SEIU for his candidacy for House District 91, encompassing the towns of Friendship, Waldoboro, Washington and West Union. He is running against Republican Abden Simmons of Waldoboro to re-take the seat he held from 2012 to 2016.

Fortman endorsed by former President Obama

Democrat Laura Fortman of Nobleboro was one of three state Senate candidates endorsed on Twitter by President Barack Obama Aug. 2. The former president released endorsements of 81 state and local candidates ahead of the mid-term elections.The other two Maine Senate candidates were Louis Luchini, running in District 7, and Linda Sanborn, running in District 30.

Fortman is running for the District 13 seat currently held by Republican Dana Dow of Waldoboro. The district includes most of Lincoln County as well as the Knox County town of Washington.

Maine AFL-CIO issues endorsements

The Maine AFL-CIO voted  Aug. 3 to endorse Democrat Janet Mills for governor, independent Sen. Angus King for U.S. Senate, Democratic Rep. Chellie Pingree for Congressional District 1, and Democratic Assistant Majority Leader Jared Golden for Congressional District 2.

A full list of endorsements, including state legislative races, can be found at maineaflcio.org/endorsements.

Comments (3)
Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Aug 10, 2018 04:32

"If elected I will work together with the opposition to see that adequate healthcare for all is instituted and funded by---------.  We will also be working together to see that schools are funded to take more the tax burden off of home owners by...…"   They will have my vote. Ideas; not blasting the opponent.

Posted by: Ronald Horvath | Aug 09, 2018 16:00

Defamed politicians?  Have you been living in a cage, Edwin.


"Trump's whole business career was littered with broken promises — in other words, swindles. Trump paid $25 million to settle civil suits by students at Trump University who claimed that he had not delivered on his promises to teach them the secrets of his money-making success. Actually, he did: The lesson came in the way they were fleeced.”

If this was indeed another racket, it wasn't just about feeding Trump's insatiable ego. His image as a lady-killer added to his aura of all-around success, which he used to peddle all sorts of tchotchkes to gullible consumers. As the Washington Post notes, "There was Trump deodorant. Trump ties. Trump steaks. Trump underwear. Trump furniture. At one time, there was even a Trump-branded urine test."

Having gotten in the habit of lying regularly about matters big and small, Trump has set new records for mendacity while in office. The Post reports that he has made more than 3,000 false or misleading claims since the inauguration, and that his rate of deception has increased from 4.9 to 9 falsehoods a day.

Does any of this matter? From a political perspective, probably not. Voters knew what sort of huckster Trump was when they elected him. But it should give us pause to consider what it says about America, circa 2018, that so many of us are so ready to accept a Jordan Belfort or Frank Abagnale — a con man, in other words — as our leader.

Washington Post, Max Boot,


Posted by: Edwin E Ecker | Aug 09, 2018 15:38

It is refreshing to see all those that are running on the coat tails of lost causes and defamed politicians. Keep it up ,we need your dysfunctional ideas to help advance the conservative agenda for the people.

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