Deputy assaulted

Police use Taser to arrest Warren couple

By Staff | Jul 03, 2014
Courtesy of: Knox County Sheriff's Office Donald and Sherrie Demmons

Warren — A Warren couple were arrested on numerous charges after assaulting a Knox County Sheriff's deputy during an investigation on North Pond Road July 2.

Knox County Sheriff's Deputy Nathaniel Jack had to deploy a Taser during the situation, according to a news release from the Knox County Sheriff's Office.

Donald and Sherrie Demmons, 48 and 47, respectively, of Warren were charged with assault, obstructing government administration, and refusing to submit to arrest. Donald Demmons was also charged with terrorizing, relating to an initial complaint.

Jack and Sgt. James Moore went to the couple's North Pond Road home shortly after 5:30 p.m. to investigate a terrorizing complaint. Police received a report that Donald Demmons had made threats to assault an employee that worked for them regarding services rendered, according to the release.

While standing in the doorway and refusing to come outside to talk to the deputies, Donald Demmons explained what had happened. Based on the information the deputies had, they were going to place him under arrest.

Donald Demmons attempted to close the door and Jack stepped in to arrest him. As Jack was attempting to restrain Demmons, his wife, Sherrie, stepped in and pushed Jack back while yelling at him, according to the release.

As Jack pulled out his Taser and told Donald Demmons to comply, Sherrie Demmons lunged at Jack and kicked him. At the same time, Donald Demmons grabbed her and used her as a shield from Jack.

Jack holstered his Taser again and attempted to grab Donald Demmons to arrest him. Donald Demmons reached out and struck Jack in the face with his open hand and knocked him back, according to the release.

Jack drew his Taser again and deployed it on Donald Demmons, knocking him to the floor. Sherrie Demmons then charged Jack and the officer deployed a second Taser on her, also putting her to the floor.

Jack was eventually able to handcuff both and have them transported to the Knox County Jail.

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Posted by: Russell Garfield York | Jul 05, 2014 07:38

very good job deputy jack an sgt moore

Posted by: Dave Glidden | Jul 04, 2014 08:30

Deputy Jack thank you for serving for us to keep us safe. I hope your okay. You were the best dare officer ever- DG

Posted by: Ingrid Van Steenberg | Jul 03, 2014 17:03

Deputy Jack - I hope you're okay!

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