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Police investigate man at shop without mask, but with gun

By Stephen Betts | Jul 28, 2020

Rockland — Rockland police say there appears to have been no law broken but are investigating a report of a man who displayed a gun after someone pointed out he was not wearing a mask inside a shop.

Rockland Police received the report July 27 of the incident that occurred at Dunkin Donuts. Police said the department received the report from a customer two hours after it occurred.

According to the person, a man was in line at the Rockland shop and not wearing a face covering. The other customer pointed that out and the man reportedly said he could not wear a mask because he was wearing "this" and pulled up his shirt to show a handgun in his waistband.

Rockland Police Chief Christopher Young said Wednesday, July 29 that a further investigation into the matter, by reviewing a video, shows that the man did not pull up his shirt to show a concealed handgun but instead shifted his body to show the other customer that he had a gun.

The man made no other comments and did not brandish the weapon. The store staff was not made aware of the incident until police followed up after the call from the other customer.

The chief said while the video has no audio, the man with the gun did not make any threatening gestures.

In Maine, citizens can legally carry a concealed gun or open carry a gun. Face coverings, however, are required inside stores. Chief Young said July 29 that it is legal in Maine to wear a mask while carrying a gun.

Police said they have not yet been able to identify who the man with the gun is.

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Comments (11)
Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. | Jul 30, 2020 14:57

The problem in Rockland , as in anywhere USA is ignorant, uncaring people. If the jerk with the firearm had a mask on the woman would not have tried to protect herself. Did she hurt the big guy's feelings so he had to flash his weapon ?



Posted by: Jack S Copp | Jul 29, 2020 12:05

Maine statute: title 25, Part:5, Chapter 252: Threatening Display of or Carrying a Concealed Weapon says , A person may not excepted by provision of law, display in a threatening manner a firearm "along with several other dangerous or deadly weapons" usually employed in the attack on or defense of a person. Now Maine has a  Unrestricted, Shall Issue, policy when it comes to concealed carry of a firearm as long as the person is at least 18, not be prohibited by state law from owning a firearm, show that they know firearm safety, and be of good moral character. ( determined by the issuing authority). Now it seems to me that anyone who shows their concealed firearm to shut someone up because they were called out on a well established (wear a mask in public places law) is not of good moral character. Duncan Doughnuts or any other enclosed public place can and should refuse service to patrons who, for whatever reason, refuse to wear a mask in their places of business., unless at the drive through. I thought this is now the law, never mind the right thing to do. I don't enjoy wearing a mask either however, if I ever made someone sick because I didn't take the simple precaution of wearing a mask, I couldn't live with myself. Remember, "As You Ramble Along In Life Brother, Whatever Be Your Goal, Keep Your Eye Upon The Doughnut And Not Upon The Hole."

Posted by: Shane M Snowdon | Jul 29, 2020 07:49

The WGME coverage of this story describes Rockland Police Chief Chris Young as saying, "In Maine, it is legal to carry a concealed handgun — but there is no law that prohibits concealed weapon carriers from wearing a face mask."

Posted by: Melissa Byer | Jul 29, 2020 07:32

Some of these comments are laughable. Maybe the woman should have minded her own business and then there wouldn't have been any problem. That's the problem with Rockland now if people don't mind their own business and worry about their own backyard

Posted by: Catherine L Meyer | Jul 29, 2020 06:17

You do need to apply for a gun permit and pass a criminal background check don’t you?

Posted by: Drucinda Woodman | Jul 29, 2020 00:18

If someone did that to me, I would consider it a THREAT!!!


Posted by: TERRI S MACKENZIE | Jul 28, 2020 18:12

Only in two states: California and Illinois (some Southern states have complicated mask laws as well, due to KKK history). And these laws do not apply to COVID masks.



Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. | Jul 28, 2020 17:53

There is obviously something missing with this fellow as he needs a weapon to go into Dunkins yet he feels no need to protect others from himself. It is really sad that we have come to a society that feels the need to carry a deadly weapon in the public. Maybe he was going to shoot a hole in a donut.

Posted by: Lucinda Lang | Jul 28, 2020 17:37

Our dogs have to have a license. Our cars have to have two...a license plate and a check up tag.  People have to have a drivers license. I have to pay for a permit/license to have a work done at my house. I have to have a passport. There are i voting requirements/restrictions.  I have to have a license for professional work. I have to have a license for wholesale activity. I have to have a license  There are several mandatory licenses to be in business. And additional ones if business conducted in certain places. Yet GUNS....anyone can have a killer weapon and on top of that use it as an excuse to possibly potentially spread a deadly virus.  GUNS. HIDING GUNS. HIDDEN GUNS in public places. Guns in houses where children and pets live.

Posted by: Susan Harriman | Jul 28, 2020 17:26

The man is right... it’s against the law to wear a mask and carry a gun

Posted by: ananur forma | Jul 28, 2020 15:28


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