One arrest, 22 others charged

Police bust underage drinking party in Hope

Jun 04, 2012
Courtesy of: Knox County Sheriff's Office Alcohol seized from a June 2 party on Fogler Road in Hope.

Hope — In response to an anonymous complaint, deputies from Knox County Sheriff's Office broke up a party on Fogler Road in Hope on June 2. Initially, the four deputies that responded spoke with four males, who told police they were watching a hockey game.

Upon further investigation, it was discovered there were more than 25 people in the basement, according to a news release from the Knox County Sheriff's Office.

Twenty-two people under the age of 21 were charged for illegal possession of alcohol by a minor and eight of those people are under the age of 18.

Kyle Koskinen, 19, of Hope was arrested and charged with furnishing a place for minors to consume alcohol. The party was at Koskinen's parent's residence, who were out of town at the time, according to the news release.

Those charged with possession of alcohol by a minor were: Maxwell Bragg, 18, of Appleton; Joshua Stanclift 19, of Camden; Malcolm Steele,18, of Hope; Robin Wilder,19, of Hope; James Tooley,19, of Camden; Mia Maddox, 18, of Camden; William Clapp, 18, of Rockport; Benjamin Dufour, 19, of Rockport; Brandon Rich, 19, of Hope; Devon Gordan, 18, of Rockport; Andrew Widdecomb, 20, of Lincolnville; John Vannorsdall,18, of Camden; and Morgan Farley,19, of Camden. The names of eight juveniles also charged are not being released.

The deputies found and seized all the alcohol that was present, including cases of beer and bottles of hard liquor. The juvenile’s parents were contacted and the deputies made sure there were sober drivers taking all involved home.

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office encourages anyone that may know of such incidents to call Knox County Regional Dispatch Center. Callers can remain anonymous.

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Posted by: James M Thomas | Jun 09, 2012 09:00

I'm currently in Germany.  Kids can legally drink beer and wine at 16, and they have clubs that cater to this age group.  Kids therefore have an opportunity to experiment with the effects of alcohol BEFORE they drive.  Driving age here is 18, and a it takes something like 2 years and a couple thousand €'s to get a license.  If you are caught drinking and driving, you will lose your license for a very long time.  People speak of having an OUI ruin one's career.  Then there is mass transportation almost everywhere, so kids can get around without driving anyway.  What we do see over here are young American soldiers who have not had experience with alcohol in HS but can drink legally here at 18-19 and quickly get in trouble.  I bet we've had more deaths of young people in the US Military here alcohol-related than in combat in the same time periods.

My personal experience as a parent in Camden with this is that big busts of underage drinkers like this result in more education about the legal system than alcohol.  Kids quickly learn to keep the parties toned down so neighbors don't complain, to not allow police entry to the house without search warrants, to refuse BAC tests, etc. It doesn't do a thing to discourage kids from drinking.

Posted by: pat putnam | Jun 06, 2012 09:48

@Joette. Possibly it could have saved her life that night. But let's be realistic. The police cannot bust every party or every situation where teenagers are going to drink. Nor can kids be protected from every danger in life. Better that kids are taught how to stay safe when they do try drinking and when they do try drugs…because most, if not all, will try them.

Posted by: Joette Adams | Jun 06, 2012 09:13

re: pat putnam...You say you lost a friend to drinking and driving and it's 'all a part of growing up'. Well, that kid never got a chance to grow up. If he/she had been 'busted' that night, that person would probably be alive today and that would be one less family destroyed. Maybe a life was saved in Hope that night.

Posted by: pat putnam | Jun 05, 2012 11:06

I drank in HS, didn't all of you? I think every kid in HS probably drinks at some point. Yes, I lost a classmate because of drinking and driving. I also lost one to bone cancer. It's all part of growing up. Busting a party is not going to change it. It's a ritual that will not go away. Education about being safe while going through it might be the most helpful thing.

Posted by: Francis Mazzeo, Jr. | Jun 05, 2012 10:04

What's really sad to me is that some of these youth's will not learn from this situation. My own belief is that social drinking of alcohol cannot be taught. One statement I heard and have never forgotten is "I didn't get in trouble everytime I drank, but everytime I got in trouble I had been drinking". Some people can drink and be successful in life and other lives are ruined by using. Pointing fingers and placing blame won't knock down any wall of denial.

Posted by: ed Gworek | Jun 05, 2012 09:23

Valerie I agree with you 100 % in that it IS a VERY good thing that these kids were busted as chances are some of them would have ended up driving while intoxicated. And yes teenagers are no different than any other age group as we ALL make mistakes even after our "adolescent years". I'm sure that the parents of these kids are trying their very best to teach their children right from wrong as well. All I'm saying is that the parents of these kids failed to get through to them on THIS specific issue! 

Posted by: Valerie Wass | Jun 05, 2012 08:38

Ed, blaming the parents is just plain WRONG!  How can you judge the parents if you do not know them or how they parent?  Teenagers will make their own mistakes in adolescent years regardless of how they are raised.  It's how the parent handles these mistakes that could make a difference.  I am glad that they were busted.  Maybe, by the grace of God, it saved lives.

Posted by: ed Gworek | Jun 05, 2012 06:09

Truly a said state of affairs ... 36 parents have failed to get the message across to their children!!

Posted by: Gene R Kelly | Jun 04, 2012 23:02

If we had a teen-center /safe place for these kids to go to for recreation,then just maybe they would have something else to take up their time then drinking.I'm guessing that only one out of every ten party's are found out and broken up.Might not be able to save them all,but saving one is a big deal.Especially to that one's family....

Posted by: christopher lawton | Jun 04, 2012 19:46

Wow, what a bust!


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