Plaster and Gypsum Board Finishes



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Plaster and Gypsum Board Finishes


  • Whether your walls and ceilings are finished off with plaster or gypsum board, cracks and defects may appear under certain conditions.
  • In new homes normal shrinking occurs in the house frame creating minor cracks and bulging fasteners called “nail pops”.
  • These minor defects shouldn’t affect the structural capability of the wall and may be easily repaired using “spackle” or joint compound.  Nail pops must be “dimpled” with a hammer prior to refinishing.
  • If cracks in walls or ceilings are located at corners or gypsum board seams, a paper or mesh tape should be applied and finished in successive coats of compound, carefully “feathering” and smoothing each coat.
  • Cracking plaster in older homes may require a more complex approach for repair.  If plaster is loose, it will need to be removed until stable edges of existing plaster are found in order to join the new patch material soundly.
  • In more severe cases of loose and cracking plaster, all material should be removed and refinished with new plaster.  This may also mean replacement of old lath with plasterboard in order to insure a stable and long lasting finish.
  • Sometimes structural failures or deficiencies are the cause of more severe wall and ceiling defects.  Determining this may require professional evaluation.
  • The joint compound, tape and plaster repair materials may be purchased at any home goods store or building supply store.



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