PIFFK is Not Your Typical Non-Profit, Work with a Charity who Keeps You Informed.

Courtesy of: Pay it Forward for Kids Inc.

How many non-profits do you know,  show you where your donations are going?  Pay it Forward for Kids Inc. is a Charity that is working to break away from your stereo typical  non-profit practices, where as most folks choose a charity based on a number of relative purposes they themselves resonate with, thereby deeming their mission statement worthy enough to donate to. When doing so, you are going on faith that you have done your part to contribute, by giving back to the community and they as a charity are achieving the goals of their mission, but do we ever really know that for sure?

Pay it Forward for Kids Inc. has a high standard of transparency in their daily process, where as  from the moment items are donated, you are "Thanked" both personally as well as through a variety of social media platforms as it is of Great Importance to show gratitude to those who are giving and contributing to the mission of helping kids and families literally keeping "The Community" Informed. The program is very proud to share when local businesses contribute because as a community we are all familiar with many of these businesses that most folks patronize, in short this is good business touting the news of your business neighbors involvement in giving back to the community.

PIFFK also has an online auction page that everyone is welcome to join in on the fun, and be informed of any community updates as well as bid on great deals you might not find elsewhere.

When you follow PIFFK's social media pages you will learn in reading about where and what schools the PIFFK Team has visited and wiped out the debt of 100s of children's un-paid lunch balances or see where the team has given  warm hats and gloves to, and along with working with your child's school bus drivers helping our team to distribute new backpacks filled with school supplies that some families might not be able to afford every year, thereby lessening the financial burdens for both families and teachers. This past Christmas was also a great success as the team was able to help assist families by providing holiday gifts to 9 families in 2018.

Follow along and see how the team works to find resolve in life changing events that families and children are facing and how the team is able to work to help these folks in their time of need.

PIFFK's goals are  keeping the community informed of the needs and where the accomplishments are achieved, with that folks will have a greater sense of confidence and community working with our team.

Everyone who participates in any way with Pay it forward for Kids Inc.Program Wins!   It's a WIN, WIN For Everyone! Donate Today and join in on the fun!



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