Pi recited in Waldoboro

Mar 20, 2014
Photo by: Lisa Genthner Gunn Alexander Casas recited Pi to 400 places during a competition held at Medomak Valley High School in Waldoboro March 14.

Waldoboro — Each year the math department at Medomak Valley sponsors a Pi Day on March 14 where the student body is invited to a competition for the reciting of Pi. The competitor must be able to break the previous school record in order to win.

The previous record holder was John Bartlett, who correctly memorized Pi to 360 places. The math department announces this year's winner Alexander Casas with the reciting of 400 places.

He will be awarded with an engraved pie server and his name on the Pi school plaque at the Academic Awards night this spring. His class will also be treated to a pie treat with pies donated by Moody's Diner.


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Posted by: Eric Thurston | Mar 20, 2014 17:03

A friend of mine says that the value of 3 for pi is close enough for most practical purposes.

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