Penobscot Marine Museum adds Penobscot Bay History Online Website!

This is the Penobscot Marine Museum's education site where students, teachers, researchers and other users can learn about maritime history and culture. The site contains:

Now more resources are available online for schools, historians,
researchers, and anyone interested in knowing more about the history of our area.

Of special note: we've added two new chapters exploring the role of women at sea ( and of the sea captains of Searsport (

In this photo: the family of Captain W. R. Gilkey (left). The woman is his wife, Georgia P. Sawyer Gilkey, and one of the little girls is Georgia Maria, who later married another Searsport captain, Phineas Banning Blanchard, and sailed with him for many years.

Please visit the new website at !  For more information about the education programs at the Museum, please call 548-2529.


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