Pen Bay sees improved grade in latest report

By Stephen Betts | Nov 07, 2019
Photo by: MaineHealth

Rockport — Pen Bay Medical Center received a B grade from a national healthcare watchdog group, an improvement from earlier scores.

"Pen Bay Medical Center previously received a “C” Leapfrog Safety rating due to a miscoding error," according to a statement issued Nov. 7.

Pen Bay received high marks for communications among medical staff and responsiveness to patients. The hospital also was rated high for the number of nurses and physicians trained to treat intensive care patients.

The hospital also scored near or above average in most surgical categories.

No Maine hospital received D or F grades.

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Posted by: Dale Hayward | Nov 11, 2019 19:51

Well, well Margaret you are in good company. Dan Dunkle sent me an email today telling me the same thing, Although he said several or something like that, other were overwhelmed by my carelessly worded comment.  However you are the only one with the guts to say so, I find that interesting. And I can only assume you use your real name. Not knowing you or her my feeling is that if you care to comment, their are at least two sides to every issue or concern or comment.  I do not find my comment to be such that she should be offended. She likes to constantly comment as do I. I can appreciate her effort, interest, and attachment to Rocklandia and the area. I do however think there is a caution to what we say in how different people take the comments in different ways. For you and Mr. Dunkle and someone else who is unable to address me, I understand in retrospect how you might just come to that conclusion. First, I said thank you. Second I called her information meaningful. Third I called it fodder. Fodder is something you feed to domestic animals.Are we not as humans domestic animals at least in a sense?Taking from Merrian-Webster via Google using the word FODDER in my search I find it used in a sentence as: "His antics always make good fodder for the gossip columnists. She often used her friends problems as fodder for her novels" I fail to see the exact point you all want to make but I will try in my literary future fodder to present a more joyous image and less consequential projection of how people like to dissect, inspect, formulate, calculate, and regurgitate the express or implied content of what another person is groping to say that will make the world happier and more user friendly and certainly quell the uprising on the coastal shores of the Great State of Maine and in turn I will also refrain from using the term "way out west" when "from away" might have been more appropriate. Little did I know or assume or have any knowledge of from any prior readings that his wonderful little elder lady had such a following so many states away that they felt to honor her and protect her from my poison pen and any underlying  thoughts crossing my mind as I make my way to expressing my opinion as I sit on top of most topics and find a thriving penchant of need to fodder my thoughts along the trail of goings on. Thank you and good night Ms. Mary A. Mickeever, you have my apology and I will promise to be more kind, gentle, and filled with less fodder, next, for there shall be.

Posted by: Dale Hayward | Nov 07, 2019 15:40

Oh Mary thank you for such meaningful fodder from way out west.


Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Nov 07, 2019 14:11

Patient care is most important and this low score is not indicative of good nursing care. It says to me that nurses are understaffed and care gets done mostly by aides.

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