By Cross Insurance | Oct 05, 2012

According to The National Retail Federation, the backtoschool season is second only to the holidays in retail revenue, with many retailers spending millions in marketing to attract young minds and wallets alike. Many retail businesses would nosedive if a catastrophic loss were to halt operations during this lucrative time of year. Other industries would also suffer if they missed their respective "peak season."

Think about your business. When would a businessinterrupting loss really hurt? During the holidays? Football season? The summer? Tourist season?

The right kind of Property insurance can help rebuild or replace what you lose in the event of a loss, but it might not be enough to allow you to reopen. Business Income insurance with "Extra Expense" coverage (mentioned in the previous article) can help to keep you afloat during the reopening phase of the business but if you miss your busy season, it might not be enough.

So what's the answer?

 For those who have ups and downs in sales, "Peak Season" coverage offers the solution. This valuable addition to your Business Insurance policy kicks up the amount of coverage you receive during a specified period to help offset catastrophic losses associated with a shutdown.

For more information on coordinating your Business Income insurance with "Peak Season" coverage, contact our service team today.

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