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PBMC offers more details on Knox County COVID-19 case

Mar 17, 2020

Rockport — The local hospital offered more details Tuesday on the first case of COVID-19 in Knox County that was announced Monday.

A 35-year-old man from Knox County tested presumptive positive for coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). The patient had recently traveled out of state and developed symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

He came to the emergency department at Pen Bay Medical Center in Rockport for evaluation.

The patient was immediately placed in isolation and was evaluated by care team members who were wearing appropriate personal protective equipment.

Testing for COVID-19 was obtained and he was discharged home with instructions to remain under self-quarantine until results of testing were available.

The patient tested positive for COVID-19, which in this case means that the test was performed at NorDx Laboratories, a subsidiary of MaineHealth. Upon return of that positive result, the sample was sent to the Maine CDC for probable confirmation.

If the Maine CDC confirms the test it will be described as being confirmed positive.

Pen Bay Medical Center is evaluating patients who have signs and symptoms consistent with infection caused by coronavirus. The care team members are well prepared to care for patients diagnosed with COVID-19.

At PBMC, the Hospital Incident Command System has been activated, and care teams that have trained and planned for this possibility are staying up to date with the latest guidance from the CDC.

Most cases of COVID-19 infection bring flu-like symptoms that are mild to moderate and can be treated at home, Coastal Healthcare Alliance President Dr. Mark Fourre said, stressing that patients need only be treated at a hospital in the small minority of cases where symptoms are severe.

Pen Bay is advising people to call their primary care provider before going to a health care facility. People who do not have a primary care provider and need emergency care, call the emergency department before going there, the hospital is saying.

"It is critical for all of us to choose reliable sources for the latest information. The Center for Disease Control (CDC), the Maine CDC and MaineHealth are your best sources for up-to-date factual information about COVID-19. We strongly recommend you visit their websites at:, and," the statement from Pen Bay concludes.

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Comments (3)
Posted by: Alana Allen | Mar 24, 2020 17:05

I have found people to be nicer. As we own a business and had run out of hand sanitizer, a wonderful lady brought us in a large bottle and a young girl working at a local store had a new small bottle in her pocket and gave it to us as they were out of product. We also have helped our friends and customers. You find out what a person is made of in a time like this.

Posted by: Joseph Steinberger | Mar 17, 2020 14:19

Crisis does bring out the best and the worst in us. We must all strive now to live at our personal best, and it seems to me that our community has been doing very well at this. The hoarding is an understandable reaction of people worried about their families. Let us make it a part of our best to avoid being judgmental, and strive instead to lead by example, to stay calm and kind, and to be strong in our faith in each other.

Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Mar 17, 2020 09:54

It is empowering to see all of the different ways this is bringing out the best in people all over the world. This may bring us back to the point that we realize that interdependence isn't a bad thing. SYNERGY is what is needed financially as well as physically and mentally. IF that happens it will make some sense of the difficulty.

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