PBMC found in compliance by regulators

By Daniel Dunkle | Jun 24, 2014

Rockport — Pen Bay Medical Center was found to be in substantial compliance with federal standards during a thorough, surprise inspection of the hospital last month. The inspection was called for following the unanticipated death of a patient in the Emergency Department.

"The bottom line is Pen Bay did very well," said PBMC interim Chief Executive Officer Mark Biscone June 24.

The hospital met all of the conditions of participation in the Medicare program, Biscone said. He said some minor deficiencies were found during the inspection, but added he would expect the same in any hospital where a team of 12 individuals reviewed the facility top-to-bottom during the course of four days.

As an example of a deficiency, he said the report might note a door that does not lock. He said all of the deficiencies were minor in nature and easy to correct. Some were addressed while the hospital was still being reviewed, he said.

The unannounced survey of the hospital was carried out by a team from the Maine Division of Licensing and Regulatory Services and individuals from the state Fire Marshal's Office.

"Since your hospital has been found to be in compliance, you do not have to submit a plan for correcting any of the Medicare deficiencies cited," said Elaine Soong, Health Insurance Specialist for the Department of Health and Human Services in a June 16 letter to the hospital.

However, Biscone said the deficiencies are being corrected.

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Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Jun 25, 2014 09:01

My question is, was the Medicare patient not given the usual care as a non-Medicare patient? Is it the fact that non-qualified personnel taking over the patient's care in place of the medical certified Doctor? There is a reason Doctors left Pen-Bay and I for one trust their judgment. Is money the leading factor now in patient care at Pen-Bay?

Mickey McKeever 

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