PAWS: Ask us about the Senior to Senior cat program

Jan 08, 2013

Oh my. What a collection of beautiful beasts we have for you today. It was all we could do to stay in our chair and keep writing about them and not run out and bring them all home!

Looking for a cat that likes to lie around all day? Looking for a cat that loves attention? Looking for a cat just like you? Meet Gabby! She is now one of our lobby cats and just adores being the center of attention. She’d prefer to be the only cat in her new home, since she can get a little, um, bossy with other cats. She is nine years young, spunky as all get out and likes to play with cat toys and chase a laser light. Endlessly. Her coloring is also among the most gorgeous we have ever seen: black dusted with white, a blaze down her nose and unbelievable green eyes. Since you’re not seeing her in color here, stop by and see for yourself. Gabby also qualifies for our Senior to Senior cat program. If you are older than 60 and the cat you would like to adopt is older than 6, the adoption fee is waived. Too often people overlook a “senior” cat, but if you want a cat that isn’t a whirling dervish like a kitten, a cat that wants to sit quietly with you and meditate, a mature girl like Gabby is just purr-fect for you.

This sweet little kitten just showed up one day and now she needs a home. We’ve named her Amy, and she is around four months old and as cute as a button. So far we’ve discovered that she loves to lie in the sun, play with toy mice and, of course, be petted. How could anyone resist that darling kitten face? (Yes, we did — and a good thing too!)

Don’t let this guy’s name fool you: he really is no Troubles at all. Troubles is an 8-year-old chocolate Lab mix who would absolutely adore to be in a home of his own. He loves everyone, gets along with other dogs and likes to play in the snow, so he’s been very happy lately (though the rest of us haven’t). If you’re wondering how he got the name Troubles, let’s just say that he is a reformed character.

We are in need of the following items: non-clumping cat litter, canned dog and cat food, dry cat food, Purina kitten chow, dog and cat toys, bleach, laundry detergent and dish soap. Any donation that we receive is greatly appreciated.

Please stop in and see us and all our soulful sweeties at 146 Camden St. in Rockport. We’re open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, our phone number is 236-8702 and is never closed! And thank you, as always, for your caring and support.

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