Paula Sutton For State Senate District 12

By Catherine Cooper | Apr 09, 2014

Last night, a group of locals gathered at the home of Joe and Linda Bodnar in Rockland to show their support for Paula Sutton who is running for Maine State Senate in District 12.

After a delicious dinner prepared by our gracious hosts, an outline of strategies to secure a win was discussed and debated with suggestions being very much welcome.

As Paula says "I believe the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. We need government to stop taking excessive taxes out of our pockets so they can do us the favor of sending a fraction of it back to us in the form of benefits, vouchers and rebates."

"I believe we must never let up on eliminating waste, fraud and incompetent management in government programs. Our public servants need to take pride in, and be rewarded for, saving taxpayers’ money, not the size of their department budgets."

Those thoughts resonated with those on hand and many others who know that Paula Sutton wants our young people to have opportunities that allow them to stay here in Maine to raise families of their own. Lower taxes, less government regulation, better training and education are key to keeping one of our greatest resources, our young people, here with our experienced elders which only benefits all of Maine, creating a vibrant, thriving environment and economy.



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