Paula Sutton For Maine State Senate District  12

By Catherine Cooper | Jul 03, 2014

Paula Sutton on Maine jobs:

Maine people have always been determined, hardworking, self reliant and proud to be the best at what they do.  They do not ask the Government to give them a job but they do expect their Government will not destroy jobs and close businesses by implementing ill advised spending and taxing policies or by putting in place unnecessary regulations that cripple their employer's ability to compete in a global marketplace.

The formula is not mysterious:  A frugal government that minimizes its need to tax the people, an education system that teaches 21st century skills and perpetuates the work ethic already here, common sense regulations to protect the environment and worker safety, and transportation, communication and energy infrastructures that enable business to produce quality goods and services that their customers find clearly the best value available anywhere.

To donate:

or send check payable to Committee to elect Paula Sutton POB 254 Warren, ME 04864

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Posted by: Catherine Cooper | Jul 09, 2014 10:44

You are welcome, Paula. Just helping to promote the best available candidate!

Posted by: paula sutton | Jul 09, 2014 07:45

Thank you for posting this Cathy.  My message is being well received.

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