Partial Solar Eclipse Saturday morning August 11. Mercury is still retrograde that is until August 19 early morn. By Ananur Forma

By ananur forma | Aug 05, 2018

The Solar Eclipse (New Moon) on August 11 at 5:58 a.m. has the Sun and Moon conjunct at 16 degrees of Leo, yet in an awkward aspect to Pluto at 19 degrees of Capricorn and ALSO in an awkward aspect to Neptune at 16 degrees of Pisces.

This is tension provoking and a concern, which is why I'm here again writing this. The royal goodness of Leo (kindness, generosity of Spirit, expressive of affection and inspired creativity, and more) is challenged by doubt, fear, insecurity and low energies. I feel it's important to know this ahead of time... so you can prepare your minds & hearts for challenges that may? come your (our) way.

This is the time to strengthen your inner awareness ...that you ARE deep down inside -strong, courageous, caring, sincere and determined and willing to stand in truth, no matter what. ALSO, health concerns are for real... take it seriously. Do what you must to improve your mental and physical health. Your immune system is weaker at this time. The Solar Eclipse's energies generally last for about 6 months.

Get rest when you need it. Don't push it to the limit. I know some Aries people who work, chop wood, do carpentry, etc. etc. when they have a fever, and ought to be in bed drinking lots of  pure water. When I've suggested this, the particular Aries person I'm thinking of right now said, "Yes, I know that I ought to be in bed, but I can't make myself slow down, even with a fever."

The symbolic interpretation of 16 degrees Leo, from well known Astrologer, from long ago...Dane Rudhyar's book, "An Astrological Mandala,"  ....The image is: "The storm ended, all nature rejoices in brilliant sunshine. " Rudhyar's interpretation is:

"The surge of  life and love after a major crisis. How brilliant, "The Light after the Dark Night of the Soul."  The battered but unconquerable consciousness finds itself exalted. This indeed is ..."Release " - light and life singing in  the cleansed  and refreshed mind, flooded for awhile by the waters of feeling."

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