Pack 216 races Pinewood Derby

Mar 25, 2014
Pack 216 Pinewood Derby first place winner Kevin Crossley, second place Nathan Crossley, third place Thane Waddell, Best in Show Matthew Robbins and fourth place Rian Austin show their awards. The top three and Best in Show earn a trip to the Kennebec Valley District Pinewood Derby to compete against the winner from other packs. Austin is the alternate and will go to districts in place of Waddell.

Jefferson — The Pinewood Derby — the most competitive event in Cub Scouting — was run by 15 members of Pack 216 in Jefferson March 21.

Each scout is given a kit with a block of wood, wheels and axles out of which he can design and build a car — it must meet certain specifications to be in the race, but a lot of creativity is encouraged. Matthew Robbins, a fourth-grade student at Miller School, won Best in Show for a car he fashioned after the movie character Herbie the Love Bug.

In the race itself, Kevin Crossley won first place handily, with his older brother Nathan earning the second spot. Thane Waddell took third place, while Rian Austin placed fourth. The Crossleys and Austin will represent Pack 216 at the Kennebec Valley District Pinewood Derby April 5, while Robbins and Waddell have opted not to go to the larger race being held in Winslow.

All 16 boys earned design awards for their unique derby cars in addition to a trophy or ribbon based on finishing placement. They will also receive patches at the pack’s crossover event April 11. The other boys who took part in the derby are Gabriel Laweryson, Bobby McCafferty, Elliot Rich, Brayden Frost, Bruce Bossow, Gavin Fitpatrick, Conor Jones, James Rackliff, Austin Whitney and Brendan Jones.

Judges for the event were Jim and Sue Barker, Judy Toleman and Pastor Kevin Banfield for the First Baptist Church in Jefferson, Pack 216’s charter organization. Kim Guptill and Paul Huber served as car inspectors. Finish line judge were Cubmaster Valerie Drever, Jim Barker and Kevin Banfield. The starting line was run by Jim and Nadean Crossley, while Committee Chair Jill Huber ran the race software.

Cub Scouts is open to boys in first through fifth grades. Boys may join at any time during the year. For more information, contact Cubmaster Valerie Drever at 549-7402 or Jill Huber at 215-4673.

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