P.A.W.S: Looking for a special home

By Carolyn Marsh | Jan 07, 2014

We know we started the new year of 2014 off with a bang last week, but the two wonderful cats we’re going to talk about this week deserve a bang too. So let’s start off the second Thursday of the new year with another bang!

Bradford is a sweet, playful and totally gorgeous cat. He came to us as a stray — can you believe that face and its fine fur below didn’t have a home? — and now he’s ready for a home of his own. We could go on about Bradford for a long time: how handsome and what a good mouser he is, and how he can be affectionate and loving when he knows that’s needed but doesn’t mind hanging out in his own space. But why read about all his stellar qualities when you can come right down and see them for yourself? Believe us. This is a special cat and we think you deserve each other.

Darling Mona is another special cat looking for a special home of her own. She used to live with a dog, but that dog played too rough with her and made her scared and lonely. But she absolutely adores people, especially when they come complete with cat toys, and she will make a wonderful addition to any home lucky enough to get her.

Did you know (you should; we’ve said so often enough, though perhaps you weren’t listening?) that a huge percentage of our cats have been adopted by people who saw them in one of the three local banks that so kindly and successfully showcase them in their lobby? But they have to be there to be seen, and we’re looking for volunteers on Wednesdays and Thursdays to take them to the banks around 9 a.m. and pick them up around 3:15 p.m. (in time for them to get resettled before the shelter closes). It’s not rocket science: The cages are already set up, and all you do is put down clean cat pads and litter and make sure the food and water bowls are filled and that their names show! It’s a great way to get a good feeling with not too much work — actually, we think it’s much more like play — and the occasions when you get back to the shelter with your sweet sensations and find that one of them has already been adopted by someone who saw her in the bank and couldn’t wait to take her home really make you believe in magic, which we all know is out there and can come home with you from the shelter in the form of a fabulous feline anytime (well, any time between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday).

It’s never too early to add your name to our foster list. If you’re interested in helping us take care of pregnant cats, kittens or both, then give Laura a call. We think it’s fun and rewarding to take care of young kittens before they are ready to be adopted, but since we’re talking about magic, there really is nothing to compare with the sheer joy and pleasure of watching these tender babes turn into loving friends, yours or the families that are lucky enough to give them fur-ever homes.

Did you know that you can buy all kinds of P.A.W.S. goodies — shirts, sweatshirts, bumper stickers and more — through our website? Just visit pawsadoption.org, click on the Store tab and shop your heart out!

Our four-footers could really use non-clumping cat litter, kitten food, dog treats and peanut butter. And our two-footers (we mean two feet, not two feet tall, for goodness’ sake. Get a grip!) could use the following to help with the cleanup: paper towels, dish soap, laundry detergent and window cleaner.

Please take the time to drop by and see us and all our beautiful beasties at 146 Camden St. in Rockport. We’re open from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday, our phone number is 236-8702 and pawsadoption.org is never closed! And thank you, as always, for your caring and support.

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