P.A.W.S: June is Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat month

By Carolyn Marsh | Jun 17, 2014

June is Adopt-a-Shelter-Cat Month, and we are celebrating it by cutting in half adoption fees for all our cats and kits!

Half-price is double value for Emma, our beautiful chiaroscuro girl who is so outgoing and affectionate that she loves everyone she meets — and vice versa. She is very fond of hanging out on a comfy chair or looking out the window.  And when people are around, she loves to watch what they are doing and make sure they are doing it well. She is a joy to behold, with a stunning white blaze on her nose to match the white scarf around her neck, and will bring happiness to any household lucky enough to welcome her.

Chanel is very much like the famous French designer after whom she is named: gorgeous, beautifully and stylishly dressed — note that there is a little blue in her right eye to match the blue of her left — and a lover of fun. She’s a pretty independent girl who doesn’t require a lot of attention, but she isn’t shy about letting you know when she wants hugs and kisses or lap time. And did we say she was gorgeous? It can’t hurt to tell you twice.

Emma and Chanel are only two of the many kits and cats here at the shelter waiting for a home of their own. We ourselves have never been without a cat or two in our home, and we simply cannot imagine how empty our house would seem without  the soft patter of cat-feet on the stairs, or the warmth and the lovely purring of a cat at our back as we sleep.

You can stop by and see all our beautiful beasts at the shelter at 146 Camden St. in Rockport from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. If you’re pressed for time (and if you are, you might take a good lesson from cats who hurry only when absolutely necessary, such as in pursuit of a mousie or a meal), you can see everyone on our Facebook page or at our website at pawsadoption.org!

And if there is not yet room in your heart or your home for a cat or two, you can still help.  We are always in the need of non-clumping cat litter, Purina Kitten Chow, bleach, laundry detergent, dish soap and towels.  Thank you, as always, for your kind generosity and your staunch support.

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