P.A.W.S. has pets to brighten your holidays

Dec 05, 2017
Courtesy of: P.A.W.S. Animal Adoption Center Sandy is a 5-year-old mixed-breed who's full of fun.

Tis the season — and if for you that means adding a four-legged friend to your ho-ho-home, then by all means come to P.A.W.S. From big dogs to bitty kitties, we’re your one-stop shop for furry friends.

For example, starting in the feline department, we have darling Puck. At 5 months old, she is still very much a baby, but unfortunately, she has spent her entire short life in the shelter. She's never known what it’s like to have a real family, to bask in her own sunny window, or to bond with someone she knows she can count on as “hers.” If you could be that someone, you’d give both her and yourself the greatest holiday gift there is.

A little bigger and a bit older is our girl Sandy, on the canine side of the building. We’re not sure exactly what this funny lady has in her genetic code. She boasts the blue tongue of a Chow, the wiggle-bum of a Boxer, and the personality of an all-American perfect family dog. Although Sandy is physically mature at about 5 years old, her passions are still delightfully puppyish — think ball-tossing, toy-chasing, boundless enthusiasm, and joie de vivre. She has so much to offer. And all she asks in return is your love and care and a cat-free home.

Even if a new pet isn’t on your Santa’s list this year, would you be so kind as to keep us in mind as you go about your holiday shopping? Everything helps -- an extra bag of cat litter, a bottle of bleach, a few cans of cat food, or some toys for the kittens. If you’re not sure what to get, we’d love it if you’d pick up a gift card or two. Gift cards from any of the big-box stores in the area are great, but so are those we can use at smaller businesses around town. You can leave donations anytime at the shelter, located at 123 John St., Camden.

And if you come when we’re open, we’ll be delighted to introduce you to Puck, Sandy, or any of our other adoptable pets. You can also call us 236-8702 or visit our website, In the meantime, we thank you for your ongoing support — not just during the holidays, but all year ‘round.

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