Ordinances pass, manager search continues

By Beth A. Birmingham | Feb 27, 2014
Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham Waldoboro voters raise their ballots to vote of one of two ordinance changes at a special town meeting Feb. 25. Both passed with ease.

Waldoboro — It took seven minutes for voters to approve changes to two ordinances at a special town meeting Feb. 25.

Up for vote first were changes to the Land Use Ordinance, specifically to buffer strip measurements along Route 1. A 15-foot-wide vegetative buffer will be required along Route 1 for all new commercial developments and for the redevelopment of existing commercial properties. Parking will be prohibited in the buffer zone.

The ordinance also addressed the need for landscaped buffers for any lot within the Urban Compact line used for nonresidential or multifamily residential purposes.

Second on the agenda were changes to the Shellfish Conservation Ordinance. The change dealt with an applicant's ability to volunteer to perform six hours of shellfish conservation work in exchange for a reduction in a shellfish harvester's license fee. The fee reduction will be $60. If the then applicable state or federal minimum wage, multiplied by six, is greater than $60, then the reduction in the license fee shall be that greater amount. A a minimum four hours must be conservation reseeding unless waived by the Shellfish Conservation Committee.

Additionally, the ordinance changes states that applicants who, by July 2 have not reached 18 years of age, have reached 60 years of age, or are not able to perform voluntary shellfish conservation work due to the fact that they were on active military duty, will also be entitled to the above described reduction in the license fee and will not be required to perform the conservation work.

Other agenda items

Following the special town meeting, the Board of Selectmen held a regular meeting.

Police Chief William Labombarde noted a change in the new cruiser purchase. Initially, it was decided to purchase a 2014 Dodge Charger. However, delays in delivery until August or September forced the department to alter its choice.

A 2013 Police Interceptor will be the new cruiser for Waldoboro. The original price tag was $26,794 before a discount of $794 and being offered a trade-in of $3,200 on its retiring vehicle. Delivery is expected any day.

It was also noted that the search for a new town manager has proceeded. Of the 19 applicants, the search has been narrowed to the point where the selectmen will be conducting interviews soon.

"I hope they have one very quickly," said Interim Town Manager Wes Richardson, who is seeking election to the state Legislature.

Richardson said he has also been presenting budgetary information to the selectmen in preparation of this year's annual budget process.

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