Online Poll: Snow day changes in Camden area

Nov 08, 2018

We received more than 400 responses to our online poll last week about the Camden-area schools' plan to have students work from home on assignments on snow days.

A slim majority of those responding liked the proposed change, while others are still undecided on the issue.

We have received feedback as well that we were remiss in not mentioning that this would only affect two snow days to help avoid making up snow days at the end of the year.

We hope there will continue to be productive and healthy conversations on this proposal moving forward.

As always, we also note that our online polls are not scientific samplings, but offer people a chance to express their views on issues in the community.

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Posted by: Mary A McKeever | Nov 08, 2018 15:02

What with both parents working, I question who is going to supervise this at-home schooling? Hopefully they go out and enjoy the snow and a free day!

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