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Online Poll: Should we raise the minimum wage?

By Staff | Apr 03, 2014

Take our new On The Line poll. This week we are asking, "Should we raise the minimum wage?"

Maine's minimum wage has been $7.50 per hour since 2009. The Legislature has voted to raise it to $9 by 2016, but the bill has to be signed by the governor.

To take our poll, go to the top left corner of our home page and click on the On The Line poll. All of our polls are free and anonymous.

We will post the results in the April 10 edition of The Courier-Gazette.

CMCA poll results

We received 601 responses to our On The Line poll asking:

"Do you support plans to bring Center for Maine Contemporary Art to Rockland?"

79 percent (477 people) said yes, they support CMCA coming to Rockland, while 21 percent (124) do not support it.

Of those who do not support the plans, 10 percent felt it does not meet zoning standards for Rockland's downtown; 31 percent felt there are too many nonprofits in the city and 45 percent saw both of those factors as reasons not to support it. Another 14 percent said they did not support it for other reasons.

There were also a large number of comments on the project including:

"It is a clear opportunity for the city of Rockland to continue expanding its appeal and economic vitality as a destination for tourists as well as the general population of Maine. To squander this based on the technical contradictions of a myopic and overly prescriptive set of design standards would be a true oversight. What the city needs in this debate is real leadership by someone who has the long term interest of Rockland in mind."

"Because I love the CMCA and feel like the move to Rockland is wrong for the towns of Camden/Rockport. Also, I feel like Rockland is bloated with too many galleries! CMCA will not stand out like it does in Camden when you have the Farnsworth next door. Rockland is an art joke. Rockland has created this sense that art rules the town, when in reality it is filled with drugs, lack of education, and the art is only supported by the buoys and tourists it represents. CMCA can do much better than ride the coat tails of this farce!"

"In conjunction with the Strand and the Farnsworth, the CMCA will help anchor more than just the arts in Rockland. Less well-established galleries may come and go, restaurants, shops may come and go. But an established presence such as the CMCA will be a stable and positive influence for all."

"We are so fortunate to have a proven cultural institution come to Rockland. It has long seemed obvious that CMCA belongs with us in Rockland. We are becoming a magnet for cultural tourism, new residents who want a lively scene and stimulation in their lives. Life is not just one big Wal-Mart experience, we need more. CMCA has a 50-year track record of providing quality programs."

Middle school merger

A total of 288 responded to our question, "Should RSU 13 merge middle schools?"

The majority, 64 percent (184 people) oppose the merger. 28 percent or 81 people support it. 8 percent were undecided.

We also asked, "Would you support the merger with students going to Thomaston instead of Rockland?"

43 percent (125 responses) said, "No." 16 percent (46) said "Yes." 11 percent were undecided. 29 percent (84) do not support the merger under any circumstances.

"Which schools would you consider closing/consolidating?"

Most responders — 24 percent (140) — did not favor closing or consolidating any of the schools. Those most frequently targeted for closure were:

Gilford Butler: 15 percent (88)

Owls Head: 13 percent (88)

Oceanside High School West: 12 percent (68)

All of the other schools came in at between 3 and 7 percent.

If you have a suggestion for a poll question we should ask, email it to news@villagesoup.com, attention Dan Dunkle.

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