Online Poll: Do you support later school start times for teenagers?

Feb 09, 2017

This week we are asking:

"Do you support later school start times for teenagers?"

School leaders are meeting this week to talk about changing school start times to allow teens more time to sleep. Studies show that age group needs more sleep. What do you think?

See attached chart for results from last week's poll in which respondents did not support the proposed bond for RSU 13 projects.

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Comments (4)
Posted by: Shawn Stockman | Feb 11, 2017 17:18

There is an overwhelming amount of studies and recommendations from the CDC, American Academy of Pediatrics and a host of other authoritative sources that support later start times for middle and high school students. Get the facts and answers to frequently asked questions here:


Posted by: Maggie Trout | Feb 10, 2017 14:42

The work world has changed substantially.  The argument that absurd bed and rising times for anyone will bear any relation to the current "work world," doesn't fly.  Staff also shouldn't have to get up at 5AM, or earlier, in order to be at the schools.  Pre-cell-phone, and internet time, early start times were a long-standing problem.  By the ay, given the strange sectioning off of school hours and days, relating that to "work world" is also impossible.

Posted by: Kathryn Fogg | Feb 10, 2017 14:32

No, they need to go to bed earlier and put away cell phones, etc.  They need to become used to the work world they will enter.  Parents need to take charge.


Posted by: Maggie Trout | Feb 09, 2017 14:50

Of course.  Not just for teenagers.  For everyone including personnel.

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