On the campaign trail with Paula Sutton

By paula sutton
Paula Sutton for Maine State Senate District 12 Knox County

This is going to be a compilation of stories, events and the people I meet along the campaign trail in my bid for a seat in the Maine State Senate District 12 in Knox County .


So far I have had a 94% positive success rate knocking on doors and have enjoyed hearing what people have to say and which topics are important to them.  The top three issues that I have been hearing about are welfare reform, the complexities of trying to conduct business in Maine and property tax increases. 

It is amazing and humbling to be invited into a strangers home and sit at the kitchen table.  People are very open and willing to share their thoughts and experiences and I am learning so much and having a great time.  Some things are disturbing too and I have heard more than once that people are being advised to get divorced in order to obtain more benefits .

One lady I spoke with is on disability with a fixed income of about 880.00 per month and cares for her husband at home .  This lady is a  Democrat who pledged to vote for me.  WHY?  Because her Obamacare bill is so high (over half her monthly income) that she cannot afford it and is being fined as a result. 


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