Oil dealer adding garage to accommodate growing business

By Sarah E. Reynolds | May 23, 2014
Photo by: Sarah E. Reynolds As of May 21, the garage M&L Heating is building to house its oils trucks and service vehicle was making progress.

Hope — M&L Heating Services is growing, in terms of its customer base and its physical footprint.

The company was started in 2011 by Hope residents John Monroe, who also owns Monroe Construction, and Tim Leach, an oil service technician who has more than a decade of experience.

Monroe's wife, Amy Monroe, who works in the office, said the company is now building a garage to house its two oil trucks and one service vehicle. She said M&L wants to get a third oil truck as well. Up to now, the firm's vehicles have been garaged at the owners' homes, Amy said.

With the business doing well, M&L is finally able to add to its physical plant.

“We are growing by leaps and bounds, and we're loving it,” Amy said.

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Posted by: Beatrice Rose Norwood | May 25, 2014 12:33

I think Dad & Mom would be real pleased at what you have done.  I think it looks great.  Florance A  Merrifield

Posted by: Beatrice Rose Norwood | May 24, 2014 15:59

you guys are doin' a great job....almost looks like the ol' Homestead...thanks for bringin' it back to life...;-)


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