Oh goody, I'm going to be interviewed on the radio!

Jan 09, 2019
Photo by: Suzanne Sunkel


I wrote this to the programmer/DJ named Robert who will be interviewing me. This gives a feel for my approach to my beloved life work as an Astrologer/consultant/counselor.
Hi Robert, Yes, am happy to talk about what the planets are "up to" for the year ahead. Also...
If you like
I could do a short overview of your astrological chart,
for the year...
or whatever
intuitively pops into my mind
that isn’t too personal. That will give a clear example of how astrology works. Some people still think of it as Sun signs, example: Today for all Aries, etc. blah blah
NOT really astrology at all, very superficial, and absolute nonsense AND an embarrassment for me, and other Astrologers.
I always have a positive approach to possibilities
which  is what the planets offer cosmically..that is
to keep us on the path that the Soul has chosen
to learn and expand Conscious Awareness during this lifetime.
As we become more and more aware
the options shift and change. Nothing is in life static. nothing.
You've probably noticed!
What Nostradamus or Edgar Cayce,
for example, have predicted
might not come  “true”  that is because of the shifting and raising of consciousness on a mass level.
therefore we don’t need a pole shift etc. to wake up the populace.
Like the monkeys who suddenly all learned about washing sweet potatoes = "100th monkey " (fascinating=Google it if you don't know)
We’re all connected by the One Mind.
just like the ant kingdom all knowing their role,
or the bee hive all the bees are connected by One Mind buzzing around in their pre-determined roles. Amazing isn't it....?
We humans are also connected.... by One Mind.
We’re so  “smart”
we think that it isn’t so for us.............. ha! Aren't we silly.
We're missing the big picture perspective.
Let's have a good laugh on ourselves!
*Glad to be interviewed   January 17   Thursday 4-5 p.m. east coast time
on  the radio wrfr  Rockland Maine  93.3fm or 99.3fm in Camden/Rockport
or streamin'  on the world wide web  www.wrfr.org
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