Officers commended for saving man's life

Sep 30, 2015
Source: Rockand Police Rockland Police Sgt. Matthew Lindahl, left, and Knox County Sheriff's Deputy Scott Redmun were recognized for going above and beyond their duty Sept. 29 for thwarting a man's suicide attempt.

Rockland — Local police officers were commended Sept. 29 for saving the life of a man who was attempting suicide.

The evening of July 15, Knox County Sheriff's Deputy Scott Redmun and Rockland Police Sgt. Matthew Lindahl responded to an area of beach behind the Apprenticeshop. They walked out toward the pier to make contact with a male who standing on the pier.  Lindahl walked north towards the beach area, according to a release from Police Chief Bruce Boucher.

As Lindahl was walking, he observed a male subject leave the beach and enter the tree line, carrying a rope. Lindahl continued walking in that direction, and made contact with the male who was up in the tree, tying a rope around his neck, said a release from the department.

The sergeant attempted to establish a dialog with the man, but the man said he was ready to end it all. Redmun then arrived, and also attempted to talk with the man, the release says.

The man then jumped from the tree in an attempt to hang himself. Lindahl was able to reach the man's feet and push up on him to create some slack in the rope, thus allowing the man to breath. The man was kicking at  Lindahl's head in order to stop him form helping. Lindahl did not give up,  the release says.

Redmun climbed the tree in an attempt to cut the man down, but the man drew a knife from his waistband and used his knife to cut himself free of the rope. Lindahl and  Redmun helped the man down and onto the ground, where he was immediately taken into protective custody.

The man was eventually transported by Rockland EMS to Penobscot Bay Medical Center.

This Meritorious Service Award is given for “service rendered beyond the course of duty where a member, because of their diligence and perseverance, performs an exemplary duty in which a crime is prevented, life saved, property protected, or a dangerous criminal is apprehended."

It is bestowed upon Lindahl and Redmun for service above and beyond the call of ordinary duty.

Lindahl has been with the Rockland Police Department since 1997. He graduated from the Maine Criminal Justice Academy in 1998. Lindahl has held a variety of positions within the department since he was hired, including field training officer, drug recognition expert, CIT member, and certified MCJA instructor. He has been a member of the department's Bicycle Patrol Team since 1998 and Harbor Patrol Unit since 2007.

Redmun worked for the Rockland Police Department from June 2013 to August 2015 before taking a deputy sheriff position with the Knox County Sheriff's Office this year. He is a May 2014 graduate of the Maine Criminal Justice Academy basic law enforcement training program.







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