'Of what are you most afraid?'

Jan 12, 2013
In reference to hearing reports of black widow spider discovered in grocery store broccoli recently: "I'd be afraid of a black widow spider." — Ryan Fendler, Camden

The Camden Herald staff asks: "Of what are you most afraid?"

"Liberals!" — Eddie Reed, Camden
"I'm not really afraid of anything. Except maybe people having the wrong argument." — Woody Bryant, Tenants Harbor
"Having a really boring job. I'm in grad school so it use to be not having a job..but now it is being stuck in a terrible job." — Sandy Aylesworth, New Haven, Conn.
"The dark." — Nichole Baker, Camden
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Posted by: Dale Hayward | Jan 15, 2013 21:59


Posted by: DA Taylor | Jan 14, 2013 19:10

Eddie Reed, nice picture in front of my old workplace  :-)

Posted by: DA Taylor | Jan 14, 2013 19:08

Good one Eddie Reed!!

Posted by: Steve Waterman | Jan 14, 2013 14:29

That old guy in the mirror.

Posted by: Bernard George Shaw | Jan 13, 2013 16:45


Posted by: Bethany Rebekah Boivin | Jan 13, 2013 06:30

Not much scares me. I've pretty much seen just about everything you can imagine having been an EMT and Fire Fighter. My one true fear is failing those who mean the most to me. . . that somehow. . . I just won't be good enough or capable enough to be what they need me most to be and that I will let them down. That terrifies me.

Posted by: Rick Winslow | Jan 12, 2013 18:52

Black Widow spider? Really? Was it a male or a female? Red vs. white hourglass.. There are tons of them in Vegas. Never had a problem with them when I lived there. I was more upset with the tarantulas and scorpions.


Posted by: DANIEL DATES | Jan 12, 2013 16:40

uninformed, uneducated people that vote...

Posted by: Richard McKusic, Sr. | Jan 12, 2013 14:50

When fear knocked at the door and faith answered it there was no one there. :)

Posted by: Jennie Demmons | Jan 12, 2013 13:41

Heights,spiders and snakes!!!

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