Belfast named Alternate

Oceanside, Mt. View win drama fest regionals

By Dagney C. Ernest | Mar 09, 2014
Oceanside High School East in Rockland was one of nine Maine high schools that hosted Maine Drama Festival regionals this year. Its troupe won in Class A and will go to the finals.

The 2014 Maine Drama Festival one-act play competition’s regionals were held Friday and Saturday, March 7 and 8, at nine locations around the state. All but two of the participating Midcoast schools competing did so at the Midcoast Regional, hosted by Oceanside High School in Rockland. Competition was divided into student population-based divisions: Class A is for schools with 525 students or more; Class B is for smaller schools.

At the Midcoast Regional, host Oceanside won in Class A and Belfast Area High School was named Alternate. In Class B, Freeport High School won with Newcastle’s Lincoln Academy named Alternate.

Meanwhile, Searsport District High School and Thorndike’s Mount View High School competed at the Eastern Regional at Mount Desert Island High School Mt. View won and host MDI came in second; since this was an all-Class B regional, both will go to states.

As is the nature of live theater, there were small glitches along the way at the Midcoast Regional — a hat knocked off here, a mic malfunction there. And there were more unexpected surprises, as well. Waldoboro’s Medomak Valley High School (Class A) got a big laugh after an improvised line by an exiting audience "plant," while Kate Hodgson of Camden Hills Regional High School (Class A) did not get the last laugh as scripted because the director had to cut the play short to avoid a disqualifying time overrun. The other Midcoast troupe competing at Oceanside was North Haven Community School (Class B). As has become tradition, North Haven competed in the Saturday afternoon session so ferry-dependent islanders could attend

Midcoast school rankings, awards

Midcoast Regional judges’ rankings for the Class A high schools were: 1) Oceanside; 2) Belfast Area; 3) Ellsworth; 4) Camden Hills; and 5) Medomak Valley. Rankings for the Class B high schools were: 1) Freeport; 2) Lincoln Academy; 3) Wiscasset; and 4) North Haven Community School.

Oceanside’s “The Neverending Story” received Judges’ Commendations for Excellence for Small Ensemble Work for The Nothing Ensemble of Kasey Buretta, Preston Spear, Samantha Calamari, Zachary Dean, Riley Pillsbury, Zachary Roman, Grace Carias and Alden Mason; Special Commendation for Full Cast Ensemble for the cast; Excellence in Lighting Design and Operation for Philip Reinhardt & Zachary Peaco; Excellence in Scenic Design for Isaiah Stone-Patterson; and Excellence in Live Music Performance for percussionists Nicholas Barrett, Emily Protheroe, Krisandra McNichol and Ryan Calamari. Named to the All Festival Cast were Kaleb Robinson, Cole Chase, Jebadiah Fontaine, Jason Lund, Payton Billingsley, Sadie Bartlett, Molly Tobin and Cortney Simmons.

Belfast’s “The Beggar’s Opera” received Judges’ Commendations for Ensemble Acting Award for the entire cast; Lighting Design and Operation for Jessie Knight; and Sound Design and Operation for Brandon Richards. Named to the All Festival Cast were Autumn Stupca, Cameron Pillitteri, Hannah Lynam and Alyson Peabody.

Camden Hills’ “Something’s Rotten in the State of Denmark” received Judges’ Commendations for Excellence in Scenic Painting for Hannah Corney; and Excellence in Costumes for Savannah Berryman-Moore, Kate Rich and Anna Gambell. Named to the All Festival Cast were Jacob Corney, Jonah Carter and Nick Greer.

Medomak Valley’s “Dinner with the MacGuffins” received a Judges’ Commendation for Student Director for Jeannie Truman. Named to the All Festival Cast was Jacob Siegel.

North Haven’s “Overtones” saw Maddie Hallowell named to the All Festival Cast.

The Eastern Regional judges’ rankings for its all-Class B high schools were: 1) Mt. View; 2) Mount Desert Island; 3) Washington Academy; 4) George Stevens Academy; and 5) Deer Isle-Stonington.

Mt. View’s student-written adaptation “The Belfry” received Judges’ Commendations for Student Direction for Cay Outerbridge; Ensemble Acting for the entire cast; Costumes for Skye Siladi; and Lighting for Ben West, John Piotti and Cole Turner. Named to the All Festival Cast were Caleb Larabee and Jacki Nadeau.

Searsport’s “Pelleas and Melisande” was not ranked but received Judges’ Commendations for Original Music for MacKenzie Philbrook; and Set Design for Dana Wilson, Gimy Bokor, Ida Ericksson and Maddie Philbrick. Named to the All Festival Cast was Meghan Grant.

Regional winners will go on to the state finals, scheduled for Friday and Saturday, March 21 and 22, Class A at Camden Hills Regional High School in Rockport and Class B at Yarmouth High School. Alternates (i.e., second place finishers, with the exception of MDI) go to the finals should any of the first place schools be unable to.

More than 2,500 Maine high school students from 79 high schools competed; complete results from all regionals will be posted at some point Sunday, March 9, on the Maine Drama Council website.

The Mt. View cast and crew celebrate their Class B win in the wee hours.
The Belfast Area High School troupe poses with their second-place trophy after the conclusion of the Midcoast Regionals.
OHS’ Alison Machaiek and Dave Johanson, host director and tech director of the Midcoast Regional, confer by the stage door. (Photo by: Dagney C. Ernest)
Cast and crew of most schools wear play-dedicated T-shirts. Here, Camden Hills Regional High School students join the crowd headed into the Oceanside performing arts center door. (Photo by: Dagney C. Ernest)
Steve Ouellette, Gardiner High School’s athletic director and assistant principal, welcomes attendees on behalf of the sponsoring Maine Principals’ Association. (Photo by: Dagney C. Ernest)
Half of the school’s gym is a food court for the drama fest weekend. (Photo by: Dagney C. Ernest)
Freeport High School’s Tim Ryan oversees setup of the “Unhappily Ever After” set. The school’s Class B winning student-written and -directed play had some technical difficulties with its Magic Mirror at first. (Photo by: Dagney C. Ernest)
Half of the school’s gym holds the set components of the Midcoast Regional’s nine one-act plays. (Photo by: Dagney C. Ernest)
Ellsworth High School brings in light trees for its ambitious production of “Scenes From The Odyssey.” (Photo by: Dagney C. Ernest)
The final session of performances draws a full house. (Photo by: Dagney C. Ernest)
The Medomak Valley Players of Waldoboro’s Medomak Valley High School relax after their festival-opening performance. (Photo by: Dagney C. Ernest)
Just about every high school student of North Haven Community School helps strike its “Overtones” set. (Photo by: Dagney C. Ernest)
Lincoln Academy’s Griff Braley is keeper of the stopwatch during host Oceanside High School’s set up. (Photo by: Dagney C. Ernest)
The Belfast Area High School troupe fills up much of the stage right seating. (Photo by: Dagney C. Ernest)
Professional cinema makeup artist Katie Machaiek applies a mask to Oceanside actor Jason Lund prior to his performance in "The Neverending Story" March 8. In the background is James Nguyen with his makeup all set. Lund was one of several Mariners named to the All Festival Cast. Oceanside took first place in the Class A one-act competition and will go to the finals. (Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham)
Payton Billingsley has finishing touches applied prior to her participation in the one-act play competition hosted at Oceanside East March 8. The Mariner troupe placed first in Class A competition and Billingsley was named to the All Festival Cast. (Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham)
Kaila Harris assists fellow actress Rachel Johnson prior to their Oceanside troupe's presentation of "The Neverending Story" during one-act play competition March 8. Oceanside placed first in Class A and will go to the finals. (Photo by: Beth A. Birmingham)
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Posted by: Angela Johnson | Mar 09, 2014 22:29

Mrs. Machaiek and Mr. Johanson you have done it again! Oceanside HS is fortunate to have such a talented  theater director and technical director to guide our students. Congratulations to the entire cast, you were amazing and deserving of all of you awards. You make us proud! Here is a perfect example of all the wonderful things they are happening within our RSU 13 schools. Good Luck at The State competition!

Posted by: Carol W Bachofner | Mar 09, 2014 09:14

WONDERFUL! Wish I could have attended. I will definitely be there when you do it again locally! Onward Mariners to more victories!

Posted by: Heidi Ruth Locke-Talbot | Mar 09, 2014 06:16

Alison & Mr Joe are amazing!!!  You both work so hard for our students' in RSU 13, this is what education is all about: DEDICATION, HARD-WORK, ACCOMPLISHMENT, & SUCCESS! Thank you for putting us, once again in a positive light, we need POSITIVE in RSU 13.

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