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Oceanside girls capture madness, league firsts at Colby College

By Staff | Jul 16, 2017
Courtesy of: Kelly Mackie From left, Oceanside players at Colby College include, Anna Kingsbury, Searra Hansen, Bella Stasulis, Emily Sykes, Abby Waterman, Grace Van Buskirk, Abby Hersey, Alydia Hatch and Audrey Mackie.

Waterville — Although still in middle school, the Oceanside girls basketball travel league players headed off to college Friday through Sunday, July 7-9 to pan a little gold — make that championship gold.

Oceanside attended Gold Rush Team Camp at Colby College in early July where the Mariners were crowned midnight madness and league champions.

At the camp, it is a rare achievement for a team to win both the midnight madness and league portions, a scenario that has been coined a curse, and one not many teams are able to overcome, said Oceanside coach Kelly Mackie.

Over the weekend, Oceanside won 11 of 13 games.

Oceanside includes Searra Hansen, Alydia Hatch, Abby Hersey, Anna Kingsbury, Audrey Mackie, Bella Stasulis, Emily Sykes, Grace Van Buskirk, Abby Waterman and coaches Kelly Mackie and Jolie Hatch

Coach Mackie said Oceanside played Riverview Middle School of New Brunswick, Canada in the Midnight Madness game (a 3-point Mariner win) and the league championship contest (a 2-point Mariner win).

Riverview Middle School, coached by Rodney Hamilton and Chris Barnett, includes Emily Hamilton, Jaz Barnett, Lily Thompson, Jayme Garland, Racquel Court, Brooke Power, Rowan Dominie and Sarah Berry.

Other teams Oceanside played in the league division were Dexter, Forest Hills, Medomak Valley, Monmouth, Winthrop, Riverview, Pictou County Basketball and Pictou, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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From left, coach Kelly Mackie, Emily Sykes, Anna Kingsbury, Alydia Hatch, Bella Stasulis, Abby Hersey, Searra Hansen, Grace Van Buskirk, Abby Waterman and Audrey Mackie. (Courtesy of: Kelly Mackie)
Oceanside players pictured include Abby Waterman (jumping), Audrey Mackie, Anna Kingsbury and Emily Sykes. (Courtesy of: Aaron Stasulis)
Oceanside's Alydia Hatch, front, and Anna Kingsbury. (Courtesy of: Aaron Stasulis)
Oceanside's Audrey Mackie, with ball, and Anna Kingsbury. (Courtesy of: Aaron Stasulis)
Oceanside's Audrey Mackie, left, and Emily Sykes, with ball. (Courtesy of: Aaron Stasulis)
Oceanside players, front from left, Searra Hansen, Bella Stasulis, Abby Hersey and Anna Kingsbury; and back, coach Kelly Mackie, Alydia Hatch, Audrey Mackie, Abby Waterman, Grace Van Buskirk, Emily Sykes and coach Jolie Hatch. (Courtesy of: Kelly Mackie)
The team includes, in front from left, Bella Stasulis and Searra Hansen; and back, coach Kelly Mackie, Anna Kingsbury, Abby Waterman, Abby Hersey, Alydia Hatch, Emily Sykes, Audrey Mackie and Grace Van Buskirk. (Courtesy of: Kelly Mackie)
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