By Phil Crossman | Oct 06, 2016

On what must have been a very slow day in the Legislature, a law was passed years ago requiring all lodging facilities to post, just inside each room and next to the door, the highest price a guest might expect to pay to enjoy a night’s sleep.

What purpose is served by such a posting? I have no idea, but, ever eager to be in compliance, I have dutifully put a note in each room at the Tidewater announcing that the most a guest might expect to pay per night is a million dollars. The folks responsible for this legislation are the same ones who, perhaps on the same dull day, decided to authorize certain establishments, such as wine shops, to host wine tastings, but made beer and liquor tastings illegal.

They eventually allowed beer tastings, within certain bounds, but made it clear there were to be no liquor tastings. An off-season event, several actually, out here on the islands invite participation at an evening or evenings celebrating a particular spirit or concoction. For a time folks were invited to a Martini Tasting, or a Scotch Tasting on the occasion of Bobby Burns' birthday, but now, ever mindful of the need for and desperate to be in compliance, invitations are cleverly disguised to remove any suspicion that something illegal is going on.

For example: "All are invited to attend a gathering at the Tidewater’s Harbormaster’s Berth on Saturday, September 24" This great get-together of friends and connoisseurs was to have been a Martini Tasting, but since those are now illegal, all are simply invited to come. "Refreshments" will be served.

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