November 23 We are blessed with healing energy. Read this and pass it onward.

By Astrology prompts us to love one another ,and judge not. | Nov 23, 2020

"Prayer of Apology to African-American people." By Marianne Williamson

To be shared, printed &  passed along…far and wide. NOW. Today is November 23 2020 and I want to share with you how very potent the energies are today for healing and recognizing our Oneness as the human race. Please share this prayer on Facebook, etc. as I am not connected on any social media. My heart says it's time right now for healing to take place.


On behalf of myself, and on behalf of my country, to you and all African American people, from the beginning of our nation’s history, in honor of your ancestors and for the sake of your children, please hear this from my heart…..

I apologize,  please forgive us.


With this prayer I acknowledge the depth of evils that have been perpetuated against black people in America. From slavery, to lynchings, to white supremacist laws, to the denial of voting rights, to all the ways both large and small. That abuses have occurred – all of them evil, all of them wrong. For all the oppression and all the injustice…I apologize,  please forgive us.


For the denial of human and civil rights, for inequities in criminal justice, for instances of police brutality, for the denial of opportunity, for the economic injustice, for all the ways that racism has fostered these wrongs…

I apologize,  please forgive us.



With this prayer I acknowledge the beauty and genius of your culture, the power and genius of those who came before you, of your children and all your descendants.  With this prayer we pray that you, your children, and especially your men be blessed and protected. May your men be blessed and protected. May your men be blessed and protected. May your men be blessed and protected. May all your men, women and children be surrounded by angles at this time.


Dear God may a great healing occur. We place in your hands the relationship between black and white Americans. May we be lifted high above the walls that divide us. May our hearts be awakened to our truth of our Oneness. May racism and prejudice be no more. May they dissolve in the presence of Your Love.

Please come upon us and heal our hearts.


To you my African American fellow citizen, please accept my apology on this day. It is to you and your grandparents, and their grandparents before them, and their grandparents before them.

May the screams that were not allowed, be allowed now.

May the cries that were never heard be heard now.

May the tears that were never heard be heard now.

And may the healing begin.


In this sacred container, may the healing begin. May the Light of Love now heal us all.

Amen. So be it and so it is.

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