November 13 there was a total solar eclipse of the Sun. We're still reeling from that. here's more info Astrologically up until Nov. 21, 2012.

By ananur forma | Nov 12, 2012

November 11-13 Mercury is in a difficult aspect with Neptune causing confusion and misunderstandings…plus Mercury is retrograde making it doubly confusing.

November 13 the Total Solar Eclipse takes place at 5:09 p.m. with the Sun and Moon at 21 degrees of Scorpio. The image used for meditation by Dane Rudhyar (from his book, “An Astrological Mandala”) is about the release of aggressive energies in a group. It’s a confrontational energy, yet done in a conscious respectful manner. This has to do with favoring diplomacy rather that military action. How do we reconcile these energies within ourselves personally, that is what this eclipse is about. We are taming old instincts. Anyone who was born on this day (any year) would be dealing with confrontational energy all year long,that is from birthday to birthday. It's all about your personal empowerment. Not about over powering others, but to know yourself and do what it takes to increase your own self respect.

November 14 Mercury will be entering into Scorpio, joining the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio. Mercury was in Sagittarius and is slipping back into Scorpio due to retrograde motion. With this position of Mercury we’re aiming to discover the reasons for our actions. With this kind of clarity we have empathy. The energy of Scorpio seeks to find and solve the mysterious hidden values that motivates us. The Sun is in an uncomfortable aspect with Pluto. Pluto rules Scorpio. This aspect ignites the desire for greed and power.

November 14-15 Mercury is in a positive aspect with Mars speeding up your mind and nervous system.

November 15-17 Mars will be nicely aspecting Neptune putting you in the mood to dance and sing, especially if it’s organized and syncopated. Wouldn’t it be cool if you could dance and sing at work (Mars is in Capricorn).

November 16 Mars will be entering into Capricorn and remains here until December 26, 2012. While Mars is in Capricorn we work more in order to amp up production. We learn how to be more efficient and well organized out of necessity.

November 17 the Sun and Mercury are conjunct in Scorpio and are nicely aspecting Venus. This is an ideal time to express your inner most thoughts in poetry or lyrics.

November 19-22 the Sun is in an awkward aspect with Neptune stirring up confusion and misunderstandings and lower energy. You might even have a low grade fever and not notice it until later on You really do need to get some extra rest. Venus is in a fine aspect with Neptune. It brings spiritual energy which will inspire art, music, writing, and increases Unconditional Love! Perfect time for a meditation group to be together.

November 20-23 Mars is harshly aspecting Uranus a time to be aware of as it ignites impatience, anger, rash decisions and violence. It seems to be consistently associated with accidents. From 1:30-3:30 a.m. (on Friday, November 23) the Moon will be conjunct Uranus which makes it even more intense. Good thing it’s at this time not in the middle of the day. *there have been many accidents locally during this time frame.

November 21 the Sun will be entering Sagittarius at 4:51 p.m. and remain here until solstice, December 21. While the Sun is in Sagittarius we’re feeling more upbeat and focused on adventure and philosophical theories. We’re able to let go of negative thought forms more easily. Venus will enter Scorpio remaining here until December 15, 2012. The emotions, connected to the need for affection and intimacy are smoldering…

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